Thursday, January 30, 2003

OK - let's get you all up to date before I launch myself into what has happened since our arrival almost one week ago to currently snowy England. The week of dinners was lovely: thanks go out to Tony and James; Charbel; Dave and Jason. Great food and company at every one. A bit more than that with Jason on the Friday night, but you get that (and very nice it was too!). Saturday night was Pete Lindhe's party where a good time was had and too much white wine was drunk. Ostensibly to keep Rich company (yeaah right!) I went to Transcend at the Shift along with Pete N - and stumbled out of there having had a great time somewhere around 4.30am - how did that happen?? Managed to just about keep myself noice until Bad Dog - there was a bit of sleep I think, but not much. Bad Dog saw me meeting Pete and David round at Gary Jones' place for pre-party beers. Down to Waverley in the sunshine - and the party was a good as ever. The weirdest moment? The DJ playing a mix of two songs that I've just mixed on my PC at home - and they're not even that well known! Odd. From there to the Phoenix. And then Arq. And then back to the Phoenix and bed around 5am, just in time to sleep for 3 hours before work. Ugh. Not good. Rough as a badger's bits all day. Dinner with Rich, Russ, Adrian and Steve that night. Tuesday just hit the gym - work was busy the last 2 weeks so it kept me out of mischief. Wednesday met Gary and Michael for a post work coffee. Mark of Mark and Carston was there too as they all work in the same building. That coffee turned into a beer at the Colombian (did we have an alchemist amongst us?) and suddenly it was 9pm and I'd not packed. Home. Jason popped over to help me pack. :o) Well he helped me pack something!! To bed. Work on Thursday and then sprinted home, finished packing and to the airport. The flight was a bit tight, but as it turned out I was check straight through to London and Russ managed to blag us into the lounge. Lots of champagne later we got on the flight and it was great. We all got some sleep; Singapore was stress free and we all slept a bit more until London. We've arrived!

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