Thursday, January 30, 2003

So Tuesday morning came a bit too early and soon I was at King's Cross for the 10am departure to York. Read all the way whilst listening to music and soon I was here at midday. Lovely to see Dad again, though within 10 minutes he was driving me mad! I must learn to be more tolerant and realise I won't see him probably for another 2 years. Calm your short temper Boyesie! I've been OK with him actually - the short-temperedness is all just in my head... so far! Wandered back into town in the afternoon and had a look for a phone battery for me - no go. Oh well. I'll struggle along with this crappy thing until I can borrow Scally's spare one tomorrow. We were going to go to Betty's (my favourite eatery in York) but it's closed for refurbishment (how dare they!) and so we hit home. Helped Dad re-jig the living room as it's just been painted and so we sorted all of that out. Down the local pub with Dad later as there was a darts match on (hold on to your hats everyone!). I lasted a couple of pints before deciding to head home before falling asleep (not a good look). Yesterday I came into York to update this, but Blogger was down so I shopped a bit (£10 work trousers in the Gap sale - yay!). Met Dad for lunch then home again to finish the living room - we re-hung all his pictures (yes, I'm handy with a hammer too!) and tidied around. Went up to the cemetery to see Mum's grave and check on the flowers and stuff. Still feels a bit unreal. Dad went to the pub but I was too knackered so a relatively early night with my book for me. Into town today and so far about an hour and a half of typing later... oh, and it's snowing!! It snowed overnight and is still going. So very cold. York looks beautiful however. So, to Betty's for lunch as it's back open again today and then later to the local pub quiz (I know how to have a good time!). Heading back to London in the morning and meeting University crowd Saturday night and sister Karen's birthday shenanigans Sunday pre-Vauxhall. OK. That's the diary entries updated. But what's it really feel like to be back?

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