Thursday, January 30, 2003

It's weird. Arriving here feels like a holiday with Australia as home. That's the first time it's felt like that way around. Sure the scene here is fantastic, and it's really great to catch up with the gang again, but the quality of life that Australia offers is much more what I want. Overall anyway. I'm in for an interesting time over the next few days as something's brewing with my sisters in terms of a big argument I think. We'll see. I hope not.

I'm hating it here in York I have to say. It's great to see my Dad, though as I mentioned earlier it does do my head in after a little while. I need to be more tolerant though, that's for sure. I'll never lose it with Dad but I wish he'd do more with his time - no real hobbies and so on. I don't think he's happy, but he's unwilling rather than unable to do more stuff. Talking to him about it draws a big blank. Hmm. See what sisters suggest. York itself is so smalltown it's untrue. I look at the people here and want to scream at them to spread their wings and see something of the world. Beyond Club 18-30 holidays to Ibiza that is. I can't believe that some mates still live here, and have done most all of their lives - are they happy? I guess that's not my call. I just know I could never be here. OK, more thoughts from Chairman Mao soon.

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