Thursday, March 06, 2003

My opening gambit (and no, that's not something Joanna Lumley ever said to Gareth Hunt in an episode of the Avengers in answer to the question "Where shall I put my hand Purdey?") on the last post prompted a surge of comments. Well one. Recently, that classifies as a surge. David spotted my Undertones lyric and it sent him into a flurry of nostalgia. This give me an excuse to do two things: also get nostalgic and remember just how good the Undertones were - go see their official website and remember such classics as It's Going to Happen, Julie Ocean, Jimmy Jimmy etc; and sneak in a link to The Jeevas, my nephew Andy's band fronted by former Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills. There is a reason for the link - I caught the Jeevas live whilst back in London recently and they opened the set with You've Got my Number (soon to be appearing on their forthcoming long player). I'd not heard those opening bars for a number of years, but I knew instantly what the song was and it sent shivers down my spine. The crowd went wild :o)

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