Tuesday, March 11, 2003

OK. A quick round up to bring us up to date on this autumnal Tuesday morning. Wednesday did end up to be a night of cleaning and tidying. We've heard nothing from the real estate people other than them leaving their card so am assuming all was OK with the inspection. Thursday night... ah yes. Very quick beer with Jason and Tim (and Garry as it turned out) at the Colombian before going over to Rich and Russ's for food and Charmed. Ah, back in the old routine (except for this series being shown on a Thursday instead of Tuesday). Russ did a great Thai meal - fishcakes and then chicken curry and the four of us (Steve Atkins joined us) got pleasantly squiffy on some nice wine too. Marvellous. Friday was more of the same. I had coffee with one of the many David's at Comity at 6pm, before joining Rich and Russ and Adrian at the Courthouse for cheap food, whence we wandered and coffeed and wandered some more. Home at 10.30pm and that was that! PC/music stuff and bed around 1am.

Le weekend: fairly uneventful. I had such events planned, but they weren't to be. The gym relaunch. Woke up, felt a bit woozy so decided not to go. Finally headed down to meet R'n'R, Adrian and Michael in Kings Cross for a bit of a change of locale. We had a bit of a mooch round and then had another coffee down there. It was all getting a bit much so we adjourned back to Rich and Russ's and then took a drive out to have a look at progress on their new flat and a quick shop at Marrackville. (It was all go, trust me). Home and veg out. Steak, the Bill, chats to Garry - which culminated in a late let's go out for beers. Out at 11.30pm, home again at 2.30am - Shift and very, very briefly to the Phoenix (so not in the mood).
Sunday was meant to be healthy too. I failed. Jason texted me at 8.30am to say he had no balls and did I have any? Tennis was off then. We decided to play later and both went back to sleep. I woke at 11.15am and waited for him to call with rearranged time. He finally called at 3.30pm, by which time I'd messed around with music and the PC, and turned down an offer to go to the movies. (I should have gone!). Jason then found out that the courts were all booked and so that was the end of that! Bored by this point I did the only sensible thing and went off for an internet shag. Of course as soon as I turned my phone off, the calls came flooding in... Pete, Dave, Rich - all wondering about catching up for beers. Bugger. Hey ho. In the end I met up with Pete and R'n'R in the Shift. Canadian John was there too. Fun night. Home not long after midnight.

Yesterday. Got a couple of dullish days at work. Concentrating on re-setting up my flights (all my flights changed numbers and so all my special eventing parameters become invalid and need re-doing) to perform in certain ways. Very systemsy. Very monotonous. Should alleviate some of the day to day grunt when all's done though. More mixing last night - should have a couple of CDs ready to launch on my friends very soon. One's a mix of 80s/new electroclash stuff, the other is recent dance stuff. Looking forward to feedback! Had a good long chat with Dave about Buddhism and hiking; caught up with UK mates on the net; stumbled on an old work colleague too - most bizarre. Stayed up too late. Tired now. Sore eyes - and lots of computer work today. Joy.

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