Monday, March 03, 2003

Tell me why I don't like Mondays. Coz of all the weekend minkering of course! Let me cast my mind back to Friday night and see what eventually eventuated. Coffee with Adrian was had Friday night after popping home from work to get changed and sorted. We then had another coffee as the street was busy being Mardi Gras time so we sat around oggling the men. Can think of worse things to be doing... From there met Jason in the Colombian very briefly before heading down to the East Village Rooftop Bar for Andy Palmer's 40th birthday. Relatively quiet on arrival, it soon filled up with plenty of familiar faces. We ended up staying until not long shy of midnight before heading down to the Barracks as we couldn't let it lie. Spent lots of time with John, Bruce and Allan, Tim and Ross and Dave. Drunkenly home around 2am-ish and fell into a stupor.

Saturday was a weird old day. I was in a weird old mood which kind of festered the more the day progressed. Up at a reasonable time to go and check out the new interim gym (ours is closing for 6-8 weeks whilst it moves location). Back to meet up with the boys for brekky as Russ and Rich flew in that morning from Bangkok. Great to see them again - it seems so much longer than 2 weeks days since I'd left them in Blighty. We did more coffee after that and then just pottered a while. I felt the need to lock myself away so was home by 3pm. Did lots of laundry and stuff and organised for an acquaintance to pop over to further our acquaintance... and waited and waited until finally realising that he wasn't going to show. Bugger. Hate that. Hate it even more when you're in such a vile mood and just want some good old fashioned uncomplicated sex to get it all out of your system. Any road up. So I just pottered more until a message came through from Reed - a friend of Tom and Jake and Richard from the UK - saying that we'd met at the Vauxhall whilst on holidays and that he was in town and did I fancy a beer? Cool. I'd already made my decision that I wouldn't go to Mardi Gras, and a couple of beers instead sounding like just the thing. Didn't see the parade either - think I was just a bit party/gay-ed out after all the clubbing and stuff back in the UK. So beers at the Shift and the Barracks. Nice to meet Reed properly and we had a bit of a laugh. Home by 2.30am for me.

Set the alarm to do Recovery at the Shift for 7.15am, but was too bleary eyed when it went off to actually move until about 8.15am. Got to the Shift about 9am and things were still relatively quiet. Pete and David were first to arrive about 9.30am and then more and more people I knew arrived from the party. It was good apparently. The Shift was also great fun. Spent time with Rich and Russ and then time with Gary. Finally it was thinning out around 4.30pm so Gary and I reconvened downstairs. Chatted to a few more friends and then Garry arrived. Gary left. A few more people arrived. Rich and Russ turned up. A guy called Trevor (who I'd met in a drunken snogfest at the Shift the weekend before Christmas) arrived. He asked if he could take me home. Who was I to argue?

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