Thursday, April 22, 2004

Oh my god. Two blog postings in the same week? What's that about? Actually I'm a bit bored at work and so I thought I'd give it a whirl for a few minutes. It's either this or coffee. Or both probably.

Monday night was indeed a beer or 4 with Gary. His Peter joined us and we grabbed some pizza and wine after that. Got a cab home rather than the train and so it wasn't too late a night. Until I stayed up messing around on the computer til god knows when! Tuesday lunch ran for 40mins with Allan at work - over 7K, so that's getting better at least. In a shock move I hit the gym on Tuesday night before heading home, to the shops, and creating a warm lamb salady thing. Chats to the boys. Bed. Yesterday was gym after work with Peter the trainer. A good session. Home and dinner with the boys. Chats. Tried some more mixing. I've reached a block point at the moment with the Bad Dog style CD. I've got about 50mins done, but I really want it to be longer but can't seem to work in the songs I wanted to. Hmmm. Might have to be back to the drawing board. Or mixing desk. Tuesday/Wednesday I was filling in for my boss, so that was good in terms of career stuff I suppose! Been for a run at lunch today, though not as succesfully as Tuesday. Mind you, considering I was full of cold and flu stuff only 3 weeks ago and I've not done any exercise for ages, I can't really complain about how the exercise rehabilitation is going. Woohoo!

Another Brit is being Austra-cised tonight - congratulations to Max who becomes the latest Pom now able to vote and be conscripted should there be a war. Er...

Not much else to report. Considering trialling Yoga over the next week or so as an extra exercise. Hoping to catch up with lovely Mark in the next couple of days for coffee and a chat. I'm definitely hoping he joins my rank of friends. All lovely, lovely people. Oh. Seemingly everyone's having cake. Good old Marie Antoinette. It must be someone's birthday or something. I'm going to be good and avoid it. Go me!

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