Monday, April 19, 2004

OK. It’s exactly two weeks since the last blog entry and I’ve no idea what’s been going on. Well maybe a bit. One weekend of shenanigans, one of pottering. Here’s to some more of the latter…

It seems like so long ago that I’d forgotten that Nick was still here at that point! Oh dear…I think my marbles have finally gone. That Monday night we had dinner with Pete, Bobby and Aaron and then a couple of beers at the Newtown. Tuesday night was a quieter affair – dinner with Pete and Johnno at home I think. Finally on Wednesday us four were joined by Rich, Russ and Aaron and we hit the Warren View (local-ish pub to our place) for a final meal for Nick. Noice. It was great having Nick around. I’m glad him and Pete hit it off so well – I think they’ll have a blast at the Tavern and all other UK hostelries when they’re both finally there together.

And lo it was Easter. Thursday night was just beers I think. Newtown? Barnacle? Somewhere. Can’t remember where! Actually I’ve no recollection of what I did for most of the weekend. Oh dear. Think I hung out with Pete and Johnno on Good Friday as most stuff was closed. DVDs a go-go. Think I forced myself to the gym at some point over the weekend – think it was Saturday morning. Who knows? I remember the weekend being a mix of social and pottering. Not sure what or where any more. Ah, actually I do. Post gym we went harness shopping. Oh yes. I’m now the proud owner of my first proper leather gear. God only knows where that will all lead! Well it lead to me wet shaving my head on Sunday, which is a first. I’ve threatened to do it a number of times, and finally decided that if it were good enough for Pete (who did his Friday) then it was good enough for me. Sunday night we went to Tim and Ross’s for pre-Indulgence drinks which was fun. Biggest let down for me was that hardly anyone noticed I’d shaved my head! Coz I wear my hair short and it’s so dark, it actually didn’t look too much different. I’ll do it again though (probably for ToyBox on Sunday actually!). So down to Indulgence. What a fantastic party! It was almost like having a private party for all of our mates, with a sprinkling of new, sexy faces to keep things interesting! And the music was a revelation – almost more Bad Dog than Bad Dog. It kept us going until 6am when a few of us hit Arq. I’d been propositioned by my dentist at this point – which probably isn’t as surprising as it should be. The hardcore group stayed at Arq until they’d played ‘Toxic’ – that being me, Pete, Aaron, Adrian and Shane. We decided to kick on to the Colombian for more beer at this point. Ended up being fun there too. Highlights: Pete’s lesbian stand up comedian teacher mate; the 6’3 Dutchman; sexy Craig and the man with his underwear under his armpits. No, really. Hilarious. Eventually Pete and Johnno joined us after everyone had gone save me and Pete. Noodles, coffee and finally home. Bed for me at 11.15pm. Sheesh.

Last week was much quieter. The short week was much needed. All I can remember is dinner with Pete, Bobby and Aaron on Tuesday night (tacos!), gym Wednesday, a lunchtime run Thursday, gym Friday. Pete and I finally discussed the house stuff Friday and that was great to get that out of the way. I slobbed Friday night, slept late Saturday and pottered and cleaned. Pete snuck off without saying a proper goodbye but I know what that's like. Enjoy the UK mate. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.

Saturday night went with Pete and Johnno to the Newtown where we played pool all night. Fun. Also met Mark – a guy from Gaydar I’d been chatting to for almost a year. He’s a lovely guy and hopefully will get chance to get to know him better. Sexy too. All a bit drunk when I stumbled home around midnight. Sunday more sleep, more pottering. Coffee in Surry Hills with the boys and Darryl. Home. Ran round the park for 45 minutes. Fantastic views in Sydney Park of the city of an evening. The boys fed me and we all messed around on the PC. Bed. Eventually. Though little sleep for me until about 4am. Tired today consequently.

Heading off in a bit to meet Gary for a beer. Gymming most of the rest of the week. Max (Gary’s ex) has invited me to his citizenship ceremony on Thursday so that’ll be good. Then another long weekend. This time it's ToyBox on Sunday. The last one was fun and am looking forward to this for a number of reasons. Sexy Paul. Sexy Ro. It being the last designated party weekend for a long time. Bring on the staying in!

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