Thursday, April 29, 2004

Thursday. Again. Tired today. Another week goes by... and in fact we're almost a third of the way through the year already. Time. Fun. Etc.

A week ago tonight I met up with Gary and Marcus and we did Max's citizenship thing. Good to hear it all again, bearing in mind it's almost 18 months now since I became an ocker Aussie. Interestingly, although the ceremonies were pretty much the same, there was a much more political slant to the speeches around this one. It may be as it's only just past recent elections, or just that it's more out in the suburbs. Either way, a bit weird.
Friday was work and then in a fit of something, Al and I did indeed hit yoga. Bikram yoga - in a heated room - was what we decided to do. And boy was it heated! I don't think I've ever sweated quite as much in my life. It was good though, and I'm planning on going again tomorrow and Sunday. I would have gone on Sunday last, but decided to save my energy for ToyBox - more of which in a minute. So all stretched and sweated I returned home to veg out. And that was what I did. Saturday was a leisurely morning with brekky etc, followed by a 10K-ish run (not exactly sure but I ran for the best part of an hour) and then another hour at the gym. Home and headed out for coffee with lovely Mark, having shaved my head again. As you do. The evening ended up at the Newtown with Pete and Johnno, playing pool. Aaron and Bobby arrived later, but I decided not to go down to the Imperial with them...
One 'six-degrees' moment over coffee with Mark - I turned down a dinner invite for Saturday night as I didn't want to have a late night or get drunk... and it turned out in the conversation that Mark was going to the same dinner party! Weird.
Sunday. Toybox. We headed down around 1pm. Already going off! I spent the first hour or two in the small room trying to settle in and find some good music. The main room was very trancey, and in fact stayed that way for the entire party. Hey ho. Lots of people there, though we suffered a bit by not being the whole going out gang. We lacked that central place/group to come back to and it made the whole thing a bit disjointed. Aaron and I spent more time apart at this party, which I think was a good thing for both of us. It was still fun though, and before we knew it it was 8pm and it was all over. Had a few dances with sexy Paul and a good chat to him. He's a sweetie! In fact there were a lot of very sexy men there. As usual. Where are they the rest of the time??
Anyway, down to the Shift. Johnno decided that we didn't need to leave early in case there was a queue. Wrong! We ended up waiting for 2 hours to get in. But once in more of the same. Music didn't work for me all night though. Hey ho. Anyway, ended up back at Dentist Wayne and his partner Julian's place for a bit of a chill. Very nice time there, and good to hang with a few different people. Finally home around 4.30pm Monday afternoon... Chat to the boys and a bit of food. Tried to sleep to no avail... and ended up only getting 3 hours all night. I wonder why??
Tuesday was a shocker. Realised I'd arranged for the house to be surveyed and so had to trot over there first thing. Took way longer than expected and I was meant to be boss at work. As it turned out we had boss on training, someone sick, someone on compassionate leave and we're one down at the moment anyway. Leaving one poor girl to cope with everything until I got there just before 12pm! Oops. Tuesday night was slobbing. Yesterday was work and gym, though I was very tired. Today is work and sleep I hope. I know Aaron wants to have a bit of a talk so I may end up catching up with him. Otherwise quiet is the way forward.
The weekend holds exercise again - yoga Fri, run/gym Sat, yoga Sun. Hoping to catch up with Mark again, and the only other thing on the cards is Kill Bill Vol 2. Yay. More news as it happens... if I don't fall asleep that is!

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