Tuesday, December 31, 2002

It's New Year's Eve and I'm hopefully going to be let out early from work to go and start the festivities. Yesterday I went home and had a sleep before having dinner at T² with Rich, Russ and Pete. $5 steaks there really are fantastic value. Then for coffee and then walked back with Pete. Bed relatively early. Garry woke with jetlag at around 3am, and that's when the open plan style warehouse apartment isn't such a good move. Although he was quiet I could hear him pottering about and smell the toast. I just managed to drift off about 20 minutes before the alarm, allowing for that completely groggy feeling to take hold this morning. Joy.

Been emailing Gary all morning with song lyrics and managed to get Pete to buy his and Max's Indulgence tickets so everyone's happy. Yay. I will try and get to the gym before tonight, but it closes early and to be honest I might be better going for a disco nap. Gonna head to Rich and Russ's and watch the 9pm fireworks on the Bridge before going to Tim's for pre-Indulgence drinks. I hope it will be fun... I think it will. Coming soon - 2002 in review and 2003 - goals and aspirations. In the meantime


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