Tuesday, December 24, 2002

This post is the first half of an update. I started this last week but didn't get to publish it. This covers up until about 2 days before Xmas. There'll be another post bringing us right up to date after this!

Part One: And quite a lot later I’m back. What is going on? I know I’ve said this before, but I’m determined to make more of Minkered… in 2003. Realistically though, probably not until the second quarter of the year as the first two months will be holiday and then Mardi Gras, and hopefully Danny’s here for Easter so we’re looking at May. Actually it’s coming in to winter time I guess then so maybe that’s a more realistic expectation. I’d like to do some proper web design study too, so maybe I can dovetail everything – now wouldn’t that be marvellous? My god – I think I’m a little early with my New Year’s Resolutions!

I last left you properly the night of Michael’s meal, which turned out to be rather pleasant. Drinks at the Colombian, followed by very nice Japanese at Hikaru – a restaurant on Oxford Street I’ve often looked in but never been in. The original plan was to kick on, but after 3 schooners and most of a bottle of wine my tiredness got the better of me and home I went.

Waste of a morning on Thursday as I attended the most mind-numbing meeting I’ve ever been to. Still, it was a morning out of the office and made me realise how dead it is out here in Mascot. Transfer to the city please. Thursday night was a date with Marc. American Marc. Marc ended up out with us lot at Bad Dog and sprung a surprise dinner invitation on me at Arq. He came to the house, we had beer, we went to dinner (Japanese again, same place!), we came back to my place, we talked and lost ourselves in the Mathmos projector image for ages. A really nice date. Except I don’t fancy him. My head’s still elsewhere I guess and so it’s going to be a while before I can really expect to move on. Evenings like that can only help though – proof that there are decent, fun, intelligent single men out there. Friday was work, gym, food, drop Rich off at the airport (the boys have left me for Christmas! Sob!!) and an early night. Yes, you heard me. Saturday was a bit of a waste of a day. Up early but didn’t do much. Met Gary and Max for lunch at the Courthouse and then was so uninspired I went home again. Ended up chatting to someone on the internet that I’ve been chatting to for a good year or so and as it turned out he was working close by… :o)

Went to the gym but as soon as I started my first exercise I came over all queer (matron). So I binned the gym and met Adrian for coffee instead. We decided we’d go out to the Phoenix late, so home and chill until about 11.30pm. The Phoenix was interesting. I’ve never ever picked up as quickly as I did that night! For those of you that don’t know, the Phoenix is a basement bar/club, and I managed to picked up 4 steps down from the front door. Good work. Very time efficient! Stephen is someone with whom I’ve flirted for about 3 months on and off, but haven’t seen around for ages. A timely re-introduction then. We stayed and danced with Adrian and soon lots of other people were there. Marc from Thursday’s date. Dave. Lots of others. It was a fun night. We finally left around 5am and headed back to the ranch… from where Stephen finally went home after brunch around 3pm. His partner lives in Norway – it would seem I’m on a run of meeting people whose other halves live in Northern Europe. Great.

Thence I headed to Bondi for James’s birthday drinks at his and Tony’s place. It was fun – a few beers and vodka shots. Chats to Pete, Rod and Tony, Tony, James and a few of his mates, the guys I met at the Sci-fi Exhibition… and then to the Colombian. Lots of chats with Andy P, John, Alan and Murray etc. Fun. Had the realisation that I'd actually snogged John the first time I'd met him to not realised subsequently that it was him. Oops. Stumbled home later than expected around 10.30pm. Was woken at 5.25am by Garry ringing from the Vauxhall and holding the phone up whilst Dame Edna was singing Top of the world. Fell back to sleep and was woken at 6.20am by Liz cancelling my personal training session. I was quite relieved!

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