Wednesday, December 18, 2002

And then suddenly it was Wednesday of the week after. What’s going on? Time is just whizzing past. Last week can be summed up mostly in two words – work, gym. I was very good last week and went not only Monday, but Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Scary. I worked the whole week and was pretty busy – again a good thing as no real chance to focus on much else. Martin came over Tuesday night for dinner as he’s recently split up with his man so we had a good old natter about relationships and behaviour and so on. Interestingly for me it made me think about my time with Tim and how we were together. Funny how time away from something changes your perspective on stuff. I really do think I’m way more ready for a relationship than ever before – however it takes two to cliché…

Garry headed off to the UK on Wednesday night – lord only knows what sort of time he’s going to have! I think I might be able to guess though…

Had dinner with the boys one night too – can’t remember which. Certainly on Friday after the gym as Rich came down to our gym with Adrian and we ate afterwards. We also headed out for beers later that night – Beresford/Barracks which was fun. Relatively early to bed. Saturday didn’t turn out to be the day of doing stuff that I’d hoped as I woke in a foul mood. Kind of anxious about Bad Dog and the whole Dave thing. In the end I just got some washing done and then met Adrian for outfit shopping. We met the boys and then I met Adrian back at the gym. Got ready and we headed for Marrackville, smack on time. As it turned out there was a bit of a queue and our outfits seemed to meet with approval from the crowd. We were wearing red hipster trunks, black singlets, tinsel round the tops of our boots and flashing reindeer antlers. Obviously. We had some photos taken early on and then everyone arrived and the party kicked off in full effect. Lots of people we knew and great music as ever. Dave arrived after a little while and was just lovely – nice as ever and it was good to know (I think!) that last week’s chat isn’t going to stop us being mates. Still fancy the pants off him mind you. So, lots of dancing and before we knew it it was about closing time. A few of us headed off to Arq and there we remained until gone 9am. Couldn’t rest at home so listened to music and then met the lads for lunch. Finally did the Palace. Chatted to Dave briefly as he was working and spent some time with Des, who as it turns out is going to be in the UK the same time as us boys. That’s going to be some fun… Home and bed around 10pm.

Gym 7am Monday and then work. Round to Rich and Russ’s for dinner with Andy, John and Ken. Fun! Worked my nuts off yesterday and then rushed home via the supermarket as Tony was coming for dinner. We had a lovely night – it was good to talk to him and I’m glad we’re mates again properly. Bed soon after.

Today’s been a little less hectic at work and only spoilt by a fire drill just as I’d warmed my lunch up. Bugger. Out tonight for Michael’s (Adrian’s Michael) birthday meal. Now the temptation is to carry on after the meal as I’ve a meeting in town at 10am and can go straight there. However I’m representing the department to a cruise company so probably shouldn’t go in still minkered. But it is almost Christmas… Right, time to phone Dave. More later.

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