Monday, December 30, 2002

If you get here, read below for Part One before continuing with this update! Please. If you want to. Oh please yourself!

Part Two: I left you Monday morning heading into work. Both Monday and Tuesday were quiet days at work as most everyone was off already. Uneventful days, hardly worthy of a mention. I dragged myself to the gym Monday night as I'd missed my session with Liz. I actually can’t remember what I did Monday night at all. Maybe food with Adrian? Who can say. Christmas Eve I finished work and went for beers with Gary and Raph in the Colombian. Also present were David Bassett and Pete, and so a fun night was had. Home quite merry and after quick internet chats it was to bed with me.

Xmas day was a nice day. Up early to walk to Adrian’s by 8am. Darren (who Adrian met on Saturday night and who I had bizarrely been chatting to on the net for a couple of weeks previously) drove us up to Bondi and we did the Bronte walk. Headed back and then to the beach at Redleaf via Adrian and Fred’s place who’d kindly organised a picnic. Lots of people there – Pete and Paul, David and Jayson, Robbie in our group – Stephen and Kerry and square jawed Michael in the next group and then Scottish James and his bunch one group further along. It was nice. The sun came out intermittently and it was a very relaxing afternoon. Headed home about 4pm and was at a bit of a loose end when Stephen from Saturday night happened to head over unannounced on the off chance I was around… lovely! Rang UK people various later and hit the sack about 12.30am.

Boxing Day was a washout. Rain, rain, rain. I pottered in the morning and then braved the rain to walk to Una’s for brekky. Did a couple of bookshops and ran into square jawed Michael again. We had a coffee – he’s a really nice guy. We chat a quite intense chat about relationships and goals for the New Year and stuff. He’s gone north to Tropical Fruits, but on his return we’re going to a movie… Headed to Hum where I chanced upon Gary and so we had coffee. We walked down to Hum and then I left Gary to meet Max and I headed home, via Oxford Street. I was in the most foul mood and so I didn’t really want to stay in. At 7pm I went out for another walk and returned some almost 3 hours later having walked to Oxford Street again, then to Newtown and then back to the apartment. Took myself off to bed.

Worked Friday but it was a lazy day. Arranged to meet Pete for food and beers later, which we did and which was fun. In between there was another visit from Carlo, who was the guy that had popped in the previous Saturday. He was working round the corner again :o) After the Barracks I decided on a whim to hit the Imperial as there was a guy from the UK who’d messaged me on the net saying he’d be there. He was. He was also cute. Bit of a snogfest then home!

Saturday was a bit of a nothing day too. Tried shopping but got bored of it. Tried cleaning but couldn’t be bothered. Didn’t feel like the gym, so didn’t. Not sure what I did really. I know I picked Russ up from the airport around 6pm, but beyond that… I think I did coffee with Adrian, and also Gary again. Later… met up with Russ, Triple F Steve and Keith at the Colombian. It was too busy so we hit the Barracks. Pete the English guy from Friday night was there, as was his brother and another guy off the net who I’d chatted to but never actually met. Very cute. Lots of fun. Gary and Max were there too, and Gary was very, very drunk. Kind of like I imagined myself to have been at the Palace after the housewarming. On to the Phoenix which was fun. Adrian was there and also lots of sexy men. We danced. We had fun. I took a very nice man home…

Sunday slept until about 10am and finally got up. Met Russ and Keith for brekky then Adrian joined us and we went for a walk down to the wharf at Woolloomooloo. From there to meet Gary and Max for a quick beer before heading to Bronte and Gregg’s BBQ. It was fun. Other guests included Matt, Julie, Alan Bright (who I didn’t know knew Gregg and Matt) and Gary and Rocco. Nice people. Nice house. Nice food. Nice music. Fun. Shared a cab back with Alan, Gary and Max and was tempted into the Shift. Russ, Rich and Adrian soon followed and it was mad! Lots of people there that we knew. Lots of flirting. Kept us occupied until gone midnight and I had to go home. Finally. Mad weekend. I need some sleep!

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