Wednesday, December 04, 2002

It’s Wednesday already. How did that happen? I’m going to skim over a few days in short-hand as not too much has happened. However, Sunday’s housewarming will be covered in a bit more detail. As much of it as I remember that is…

Friday. Worked. Gymmed. No one was up for much so I kind of decided I’d head out for a beer around 10.20pm. Walked up to Oxford St, but everywhere was so quiet I decided to bin the idea and head home. So I did. In bed by 12.30am.

Up relatively late considering I hadn’t drunk, but just in time to let the grocery delivery man in. Shopping off the net you know – it’s the only way. Pottered about and can’t really remember what I did – but I know eventually I ended up at the Milk bar for a late brunch with the boys and Adrian. The rest of the afternoon is a bit of a blur – can’t have been too interesting. I know I did the gym later and then went over to the boys place for dinner risotto!) and that Pete Linde was there too. I know there was vodka, and I know I drank way too much of it. Stumbled to the Phoenix and wandered round once or twice before realising I was too drunk and should head home. I did.

Sunday woke with a bit of a sore head. Got brekky for me and Garry and we got the place ready for the party. We were ready by midday. People weren’t coming until 2pm! People did start and arrive and soon the party was in full swing. By about 6pm I was so trashed I have no recollection of anything much else that happened. Actually I remember being at the Palace being told by Dave the DJ to go home as I was drunk. Understatement. I remember nothing else until Monday morning and waking to the realisation that there was no way on god’s earth that I’d be making my gym appointment. Oops.

I did find out later though that apparently at one stage at the party I had my hands held behind my head, was being force fed Milky Bar and fruitcake and very evidently enjoying it. According to reports on the state of the front of my trousers. Oh dear. Also various reports from the Palace have me almost falling over but standing (kind of) by the cigarette machine making a nuisance of myself to Dave whilst he was trying to DJ. Sorry mate. Word on the street though was that the party rocked. Thanks to all who came (whoever you might have been) and thanks to the people that thanked us for a good time!

Monday evening was tidy up time. The place wasn’t too bad, but we were over it by the final mopping around 7.45pm. Garry went to bed and I got noodles, played on the PC and hit the sack around midnight.

Yesterday was quiet. Work’s been busy which has been great. Played e-mail tag with Gary all day and then met him at the Colombian for beers after a half-hearted gym session, where I’d bumped into Andrew and we both just took one look at each other, burst out laughing and wondered if we should hide our heads! Gary and I had a nice night – beers, food at the Courthouse and chats about all and sundry (mainly men, music and m.. m.. oh I don’t know.. miscreants!). Home a little merry. Internet. Bed.

Today’s also been very busy at work. Lots to do, but that’s good as less time to focus on the stuff spinning round in my head. Leaving soon. Gym. Quiet night. Maybe try and play with the new mixing software that Scally got me. And a good night’s sleep. Hopefully.

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