Friday, February 07, 2003

Way too quick, but here's a brief synopsis - there'll be a full update after the weekend...
Did my time in York and ended up back in London a week ago via Peterborough for a snatched lunch with Charlotte. The weekend was a bit of a haze, but featured Taboo, the Boy George musical, Central Station (a bar for those Aussies wondering), phone nightmares, dinner with the university crew (good fun), on to XXL to meet the boys (also great fun and a Dave speciality memory trick on one bloke I met 4 years ago), a trip to Bermondsey (!), my sister's birthday bash, the Vauxhall again, LA3 and the Orange and finally a day of rest (Monday).

Tuesday we hit Dublin which was a bit disappointing, but then who would rate Sydney after a Tuesday and Wednesday nights? The place itself has some cool bits, and we ended up doing a bit of a trek down the coast to see some proper scenery which was great. It's now Friday and a day of sightseeing once I've sorted some money disasters out. We'll get there! Seeing David and Brett tonight and then day with sisters tomorrow then probably XXL again. Sunday is the Tavern and beyond that.. who knows!

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