Friday, May 28, 2004

Things to make you go hmmm... #2

Later in the pub last night with Bobby (his mate Brent had gone home at this point). For some reason the topic of conversation turned to... me. Again. Bobby then said that I'm often blind to guys taking an interest in me because I'm too busy having fun with my mates and/or making sure they're OK i.e. having a good time/not too drunk or minkered or whatever/getting drinks/generally being mother. This I can understand a bit more - for me going out was always first and foremost about catching up with mates, and if a nice man happened to come along then so much the better. Am I alone in this? I can recall recent instances when I've passed up the chance to disappear off with sexy men because I've felt my mates wanted me to be with them...
No wonder I'm not getting any shags 2 :o(

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