Thursday, May 27, 2004

Just quickly as I'm about to fly out the door..

So, did I get up to shenanigans again? Yes sirree!
Wednesday – think it was just a slobby time at home. Can’t remember much else.
Thursday – gym after work and then straight to Gary and Peter’s. Went for a nice dinner at a little place near Moore Park Gardens (or, as there are so many gay men living there – Mary Tyler Moore Park Gardens!). Wine and home. Sleeeeeeeep.
Friday – work and then home, then to MPG to drop off stuff and then to Rich’s birthday meal. It was at the Nepalese kitchen and very nice! Little too much wine, but fun. Quick drink at the Dugout Bar then home. Sleeeeeep.
Saturday – woke at MPG. Grabbed coffee from the little café there, then went on my travels to IKEA to buy my Bad Dog outfit – more later. Onto Strangers with Candy for brekky which was good. Slobbed about a bit, then eventually went back to Marrickville to get my running gear. Back to MPG, big bowl of pasta ready for the half marathon, Independence Day on the telly and an early night.
Sunday - started very early at 5.30am. Got up, got ready, forced some brekky down me and headed off for the journey down to Hickson Road and the start of the half marathon. Luckily I bumped into Allan from work at Wynyard so we headed down together. Met up with Kelly and Ian, Buzz and Gordon and Jo and got ourselves ready for the off. Ian's Mum and Dad kindly looked after our gear which saved some hassle. And then it was 7.30am and we were ready for the off. What a difference a year makes! Last year it was torrential rain, cold and windy. This year it was glorious. Sunny and almost perfect running conditions. And away we went! I actually enjoyed the race more than any of the training runs I've done all year (though there weren't that many!). The good news was I came in just under my last year's time - 1'50"01 versus 1'50"49. Still considering my lack of preparation or real desire to run I'm happy with that. One more big stride and I'd have come in under 1"50"! Oh well. We congregated at the end to compare times, aching limbs and bleeding nipples. Well fortunately not me. A little underarm chafing, but you get that. And then home on the train with Allan, happy and abuzz. To MPG, grabbed my gear and had a quick coffee with Rich and Russ. Thence to Marrickville to get myself ready for Bad Dog. The theme this time round was Science Experiment - quite a good one to dress up to. I'd decided the way forward was to buy a children's toy 6' snake from IKEA and then cut it in half. The head part was de-stuffed and put on my arm like a glove puppet. The tail end was stuck down my trousers so it hung out like a tail. I was ready :o)
Aaron arrived and Johnno and Pete kindly drove us there around 4pm. Bobby and Mark were already in evidence and slowly everyone arrived. What a fantastic party! They just keep getting better and I'm not sure how. Most of the people we know were there, which made for a great time, as did having run half a marathon that morning! Fun. Met a nice kiwi guy called David and spent a little time with him - and then they finished the party with Thomas Dolby's She Blinded me with Science. Perfect. Home and change and to the Shift for a while. Then the Phoenix. Then Arq. Til 8.30am. With Bobby and Mark. Just hilarious. Fantastic night. Thence back to MPG for vodka and music and finally crashed out at 1.30pm Monday. But only for a little while until we were back at the Newtown for beers at 7pm! Bed at 10.30pm. What a weekend!!
Tuesday - work. A bit vague. Home. Food. Sleep.
Wednesday - work. Gym - a whole hour on chest! So, why doesn't it hurt today?? Home via Aaron's to pick up my case. Food. Sleep.
Today, Thursday. Work. Have worked really hard today for some reason. Heading home to tidy and a possible beer at the Newtown later.
I'm excited about a date on Saturday day. Nice man with dogs and ute. Ay caramba!! Fingers crossed everyone!

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