Friday, May 07, 2004

A week ago I posted. It's now May already. Tired today - more later on that.

Last weekend. What transpired? You know, I can't really remember. I yoga-ed Friday night with Al and it was much better than last time. Thence home and I can't remember if I stayed in or went out. I've a suspicion the former, but I can't quite remember. Saturday was a day of cleaning and sorting and stuff. Much needed. Did I do much else? Can't remember. Probably hit the Newtown with Pete and Johnno that night. Or maybe that was Friday and we bumped into Dave the plumber after Aaron had joined us. Anyway. Sunday was more of the same, with me going for a run in the park and hating every minute of it. And hating hating it. And getting into a foul mood and walking to town to meet Bobby at the Shift. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur. Well in fact a lot of a blur. Mark A joined us at the Shift. As did Piggy. Then it was Arq, where I confess to having an almost complete blank. First time in a long time that that's happened. So, I awoke Monday morning around 6.30am in god knows where with god knows whom... and decided I wouldn't go to work. Or go home actually. Ended up in an internet cafe in Kings Cross on Gaydar, resulting in a swift taxi ride to Zetland. As you do. Thence to Kensington - but Peter's not Ken's. (For those of you non-Sydney types, go google - I can't be arsed to explain!!)
Then into town where I amused myself until heading back to meet up with Bobby, resulting in beers with him and Aaron at the Newtown. And a non-verbal encounter with a guy I quite like, but I decided I shouldn't try and speak bearing in mind almost no sleep and 5 beers by that point. Steak and mash. Sleep. Jaysus.
Tuesday. Work, early night - via Bruno's book launch. I hope the book sells better than the launch attentance. Nice to see Andy and Ben though. And Bruno.
Wednesday. Work, then 11½K run at the gym. Home, food, quick beer with Bobby. Newtown (OK but karaoke night), Imperial empty but played pool.
Thursday. Work, home, dinner with Pete and Johnno, Newtown for pool. Over it so did coffee then snuck back as nice guy from Monday had been there, and then John and Allan were playing pool too. Nice guy came and talked to me and is really nice. Ben. Not the one from Tuesday. Noice. He'll hopefully be at Bad Dog...
Today. Up at 6am. Gym at 7am. Work. Bored. Home soon. Very soon in fact.
Have a beer date with a 6'3" dutchman called Marc. Alluded to on the April 19th post. We'll see what comes of that. In all truth I'd rather go to sleep I'm so tired.
No other plans for the weekend other than a big long run at some point. Aiming for 16K or so. I can't wait for this bloody half marathon to be over. Never again!!

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