Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I'm a-posting and it's not Friday. What's that about?

I did run for 17K last Friday, then went home and resisted the urge to go out. How good am I? Saturday ended up being a slobby morning and then out shopping with Pete and Johnno, looking for birthday presents and eating sushi. Noice. Not much in the afternoon and then Aaron and I shared a cab to the Green Park to meet Dave before Russ's 40th birthday party. However Michael and Costa were at the pub, and Gary and Peter joined us so it was quite a social! Got the Russ's at the East Village and before you could say 'shirts off and lycra shorts' I'd been roped into doing a show. Tim and Ross had organised for Mu-Mu to jump out of a big cardboard cake, but before that we had to carry her through the room, set the sparklers off and run around with letter that spelt RUSS 40 to make other words (USSR 04; SOUR 4S). You had to be there really. Anyway. The party was lots of fun - almost everyone we know in Sydney was there, and Russ seemed to enjoy it. Rich had organised for half his family to arrive from Perth unbeknownst to Russ, so that was great! Got very drunk as I realised later I had no dinner. Doh. To the Phoenix briefly but it was dead due to it being Inquisition that night (even though we knew few people going). Home in a cab with Aaron - we dropped him at Rich and Russ's to continue drinking. I couldn't have managed another drop and so hit the sack.
Sunday. Woke, had tea and toast. Decided that was about it for the day. Except... went looking for more Bad Dog outfits and failed. Then Aaron arrived and we hit Graham's 40th birthday party at Waverley. In our finest white gear - it being a white party and all. Another fun night, though sadly not that many people turned up. However I did get chance to speak to the lovely Ro and did so for what seemed like a long time. He's a very sexy man...
On to the Shift to meet Bobby - after a lift home with a friend of Rado's (thanks!). Drunken flirty chatting with Paul (Dr Pete's mate) and then I don't remember much else.
Monday - hangover and work. Early night.
Tuesday - no hangover and work. Early night. Resisted the pub with P+J - how good am I again!
Today - dentist this morning. My teeth are apparently moving with the braces, but slowly. Oh well. Had my wire replaced and I can certainly tell this afternoon. Work. Meant to be gymming but think I might not. Haven't slept well and could do with sleep again.
Tomorrow. Work. Gym. Dinner at Gary and Peter's as I'm house-sitting for them all weekend. Yay for houses to one's self. Not sure what else is on the horizon other than the half marathon on Sunday. Oh, and Bad Dog with Monday off. Lock up your daddies!

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