Friday, May 14, 2004

And verily it's Friday again and I'm a-posting. A quieter week, which I think is a good thing. I'll make it short and sweet as I'm about to head off for a 16K run - or as near as damn it at least.
The tall dutchman cancelled drinks whilst I was having a nap, and that was good. I ended up in Newtown High Street anyway for food then hit the pub. Vile. Came home. Bed. Saturday was another lazy day of doing very little I think. Eventually I headed round to Dave's in Potts Point for dinner. Us two, Mark and Brendan. Noice. Thence to Manacle for a beer then the Shift trying to find Pete and Johnno. They were at the Phoenix, it finally transpired. Nice Mark was there but only chatted briefly before he left. Home with the boys at 3am. Sunday was another day of Dave in a foul mood. I didn't do much as it was cold and rainy. Finally got my act together and headed out. SMS confirmation of mates in Manacle so that was that! Aaron, Rich and Russ, Steve Mac, Wayne and Andrew and another Johnno. Thence to the Shift, back to Manacle, back to the Shift to meet Bobby. And Mark Allen. Too many beers resulted in curry and taxi home. Vile.
Monday. Work. Not much else.
Tuesday - 14½K run after work. Dinner at Aaron and Bobby's. Noice :o)
Wednesday - work, gym at lunch. Tired. Shopped. Ate. Telly. Bed.
Thursday - work, dinner, haircut, shave, shower, Newtown. And what a surprisingly social affair that turned out to be! Aaron was there with Fred as Pete, Johnno and I arrived. Former Qantas Jason was there, as were a couple of other acquaintances. Then sexy Ben arrived. Then Russ, Steve Mac and Keith arrived. Lots of pool, beer, chats. Ben is very nice, it seems. He took my number...
Today. Work - surprisingly diligent. About to head off for a long run then rest over the weekend. Next weekend's the race...
Oh, and when I say rest over the weekend, it's Russ's 40th birthday tomorrow and then Graham's on Sunday. No rest for the wicked!

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