Friday, May 28, 2004

Things to make you go hmmm... #1

In the pub last night with Bobby and his mate Brent. For some reason the topic of conversation turned to... me. They both were saying how nice, sexy, handsome etc I was (we'd had a few by this time) - when they both suddenly agreed that I was too masculine. They thought I was too butch which comes across as being stern and possibly unapproachable. They advised me to smile more. Someone else at work today corroborated their findings. Anyone care to add anything else? I don't particularly aim to walk into a bar and be stand-offish. True I currently have braces on my upper teeth meaning I'm probably not smiling as much as I would (believe me - they're quiet the confidence drainer) but do people really think that? Given a lot people reading this (if there is anyone left still reading that is) have known me for a longer time than most of the people here - is that the case? Help! No wonder I'm not getting any shags :o(

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