Friday, June 18, 2004

And lo, it came to pass. Did Gary’s thing on Wednesday night which was fun. He liked the bag of english sweets – what memories!! I’d forgotten about Frazzles. And I now know where to go if I get a sudden urge for a jar of Piccalilli! The ceremony was long as the were doing over 300 people, but I kept myself amused chatting to Marcus, Phil and Graham. And checking out the other gay men being done. If you know what I mean. Then it was a glass of chardonnay and a meat pie with the Lord Mayor. How aussie! Then home and internet play before bed.
Yesterday was work; gym at lunchtime (chest and triceps); run in the evening. About 7K maybe, round the park with hills. Home, shower, supermarket, dinner for Bobby. He came down to use my PC to send some stuff to Pete and we had a natter and drank tea :o)
Today work, not much else. Heading off to the gym now to do legs. Then in the morning at 10am I’m doing back and biceps. Then I’ve got to do another run (6K – flat) straight after that and then on Sunday I’ve got to find some hills. I’m on an 8 week countdown to the City to Surf and trying to stick to my training program. It’s the only way I’m going to knock 7 minutes off last year’s time – and that works out that I have to run each kilometre 30 seconds faster than last time it’s quite a hike. If you get my drift!!
The rest of the weekend has no plans. There may be coffee and the odd beer. Other than that… as they say in Yorkshire… nowt.

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