Friday, June 04, 2004

The less I blog, the less I seem to remember what I've been doing! Last Thursday I was possibly going for a drink at the Newtown after work.

Let's just say I've no idea if I did or not. Actually I think I did. I think I met Bobby and his mate Brent. We had beers, pizza and then I think I finally retired almost gracefully. Friday was more work, gym and then decided I really couldn't be arsed to do anything at all. Was in bed by 10.30pm. Up Saturday with the lark. And ready for some larking about. In boats as it turned out. Went over to David's for the start of the date. We took his dogs to the park (Janet and Leroy) and then it was back to his to get better acquainted over a bottle of wine. All this by midday! Then we took a trip down to his boat as some friends wanted to borrow some things with a nautical theme. We took the chance to get a bit nautical ourselves. Or should that be naughty-cal? Anyway... back to Newtown for some lunch and we went our separate ways. He seems like a nice guy - fun and sexy. Let's see what happens. Home to chill and then Pete and Johnno arrived home from the gym with Paul. We all had dinner (lovely rack-off lamb!) and drinks and then as if by magic we were playing pool at the Newtown. Not sure what was in the air (or the vodka perhaps?) but I played like a man possessed! Practically every shot went in, whether a normal shot or a more flashy trick shot, but boy did we have fun. Finally as more mates appeared we just chatted until as if by magic we were at the Phoenix! Til 5.30am Oops. And then Pete and me couldn't let it lie and ended up at Arq...
Finally home around 8.30am. Slept from about 11.30am til around 3pm. Up, sorted and then down to the Green Park with Aaron for Tony's birthday drinks. From there onto Missy Elliot. My first proper rap concert at the age of 39. Get me! Sadly it wasn't great - a real missed opportunity. The Sydney Morning Herald reviewed it pretty accurately, so have a read of what they had to say. Still it was something different. I got home very tired about 11.30pm. Sleeeeeep.
This week's been dull. All work and no play makes a very good description of what's been going on actually. Except for beating myself up about all my procrastination. I've set myself the end of the month to get all my life admin in order as it'll be three years since I arrived back on 29 June. I stayed in Monday and Tuesday. Gym Wednesday. Dinner over at Tim and Ross's last night as it was Ross's birthday on Monday. Noice. Heading to the gym shortly and again in the morning. Was meant to be spending the night at Aaron's to make sure he was OK after the small operation he had yesterday, but apparently he's recuperating at Rich and Russ's. Don't I feel wanted. Actually, no I don't. :o(
It's also Johnno's birthday today, so there's a chance we might well end up playing pool at the Newtown again, now I'm not playing nursemaid. Otherwise tomorrow holds work clothes shopping, sock shopping and then dinner at Dave's tomorrow night with beers after at the Shift for Jason's birthday. How come everyone's having birthdays all of a sudden?
More from the front line as it happens...

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