Tuesday, June 08, 2004

It’s a Tuesday update! A rare thing. How excitement! Friday last I went from work to the gym and then from the gym home, after a run and a bit of a leg workout. As previously described, Aaron was recovering at Rich and Russ’s and so I was free to do whatever I wanted for the night! That turned out to be have a lovely dinner (pork and veggie stir-fry on a bed of sweet potato mash) and then go to bed. I decided I was just too tired to go out. Saturday was a relatively early morning at 9am, though I’d not slept well due to marauding house guests. Brekky and then gym again. First Saturday session with Peter. By the time I got home it was about 1pm and after lunch I decided to head into town to shop. The fates were against me however, and all the trains were replaced by buses. That all seemed too much so I walked to Broadway. However part of the way there I realised I probably woudn’t buy anything and so got miserable. I got there, did the briefest of looks round, then turned on my heels and walked all the way back home. Grumpy so I slept a while and then got ready for dinner at Dave’s in Potts Point. Rich and Russ came and got me and we hit Dave’s after a bit of a parking fiasco. Dinner was lovely. Mark was there and two other mates of David’s from Perth – Darren and Ricky. After lots of wine and food Rich and Russ kindly dropped me off at the Shift for Jason’s birthday drinks. I was tired still though and so lasted only 2 beers before getting myself into a taxi and heading home. Bed.
Sunday was another relative get up early and I trotted off townwards cleverly using a different train station to miss the replacement bus service. Sneaky! I’d planned on having my favourite brekky at the Chocolate Dog, but on arrival Aaron was there with a new shag and some of his mates and I decided I didn’t really want to go through all those introductions and small talk etc. I walked on instead. :o( So, having missed my favourite brekky (sweet potato pancakes with bacon and sweet chilli sauce, if you’re really interested) I sulked all the way into town. I had a relatively successful trip, though failed to buy work clothes. I’ll leave that til next week’s long weekend now. I did manage to get most stuff for my gym supplements and some gym socks. Woohoo! Back to Newtown where I dragged Bobby out for coffee and cake. And a whinge. I felt better after that. We then retired to Bobby and Aaron’s place, where I finally managed to chat to Pete in the UK for the first time in ages. It was great to speak to him and I realise how much I missed having him here as a mate. Well it seems like he’s coming back – and so he wants back into the house. The good news on that is that it would free up some cash for me. I’m going to have a think…
Thence to the Newtown to meet Robert for drinks. It’s also been ages since he and I caught up, and it was good to see him too. A couple of beers followed by thai and wine. I then decided that since I was now in such a good frame of mind (violent mood swings anyone?) I’d head out for more beers. Bobby and Mark were at the Shift so… as if by magic!! Ta-da! More beers there and then suddenly things took a turn for the slightly irresponsible. Arq. Doh. I should have known. I kind of did really, but didn’t care! And suddenly it was 6.30am and I was heading off to some hotel room with two very nice boys from Perth. As you do. As I did. Headed back to Newtown at 4.30pm Monday after a lovely time and afternoon fruit salad and coffee. :o)
In that situation there’s only really one thing left to do. It’s pointless even trying to be virtuous and so I dragged Bobby back to the pub (he’d already been!). Beers, pizza and fun til about9pm when it really was time to call it a day. Home. Brief internet and then to bed with Wicked by Gregory McGuire. It’s a more modern take on the Wizard of Oz, as told from the wicked witch of the west’s perspective. A few pages of that and then sleep. Work today and bed and nothing. Angels in America is screening over 3 nights on the ABC, and it’s the first thing in ages I’ve fancied watching. Go square-eyes Davie!

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