Wednesday, June 16, 2004

On the eighth day machine just got upset… a problem man had not foreseen as yet. Ah, dear old Hazel O’Connor. I did hear rumours of some new material recently. I think. Or maybe it was all a dream…
Anyway, my machine will be upset if I don’t blog again soon, so here we go – eight days on.
Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday nights were all spent in, watching Angels in America as previously alluded to. There was some gymming and limited shopping involved over those three days too, but little else. The show was good – great performances from Merryl, Al and Emma. Catch it if you haven’t. Friday night was work and gym again. Thence briefly home before catching a cab with Bobby and Aaron to the Oxford for some town beers for the first time in ages. Mind you, realised pretty soon that I hadn’t been missing much by staying away from Oxford Street. Various people came and went, the beers came and went, we went to different bars, came to in different bars and ended up quite drunk in Manacle with the usual suspects. Home. Sleep.
Up early on Saturday to have some brekky before heading off the the gym. Good workout on chest and triceps, which was encouraging. Yay. Home and then someone I’d been chatting to online decided we should do more than chat. Well if I have to… :o) Home and veg out a bit. Everyone else was heading off to Big Queer Nation but I’m having a (relatively) healthy month and so managed to say no. Instead Bobs and I did beers again, though town was empty. And not much fun all in all. Fun with Bobby, but we missed a couple more people to bounce off. As it were. I hit home around 1.30am. Slept badly and was awake fairly early Sunday morn. Another chap off the internet that I’d been chatting to recently thought we should do more than chat too, and so I toddled off to meet up with him. Nice guy and fun was had. That took me to mid afternoon, when it was time to head to Gary and Peter’s new place in Tamarama. We took George for a walk on the beach at sunset, which was quite striking. Pink and purple skies darkening over the valley where Tamarama nestles near the beach. Noice. Home for wine, stew, chats and Cher. No really. And another guest Neil is someone I’ve seen around for ages so nice to finally meet him. Cab back to the Newtown, but it was deserted so I went home to sleep.
Slept badly again :o( Somehow convinced myself I’d done something to my phone which made me wake up every 15 minutes – so guess what? I did. For a lot of the night. Weird. Monday was a holiday here and I was originally gymming again, but I felt almost fluey when I woke coz of the interrupted sleep. Decided vegging on the sofa with brekky and the Fifth Element was the best way forward. Yay! By 2pm I was feeling myself again (!) and so I headed into Newtown for a walk in the gorgeous winter sun. The weather lately has been fantastic… in the low 20s but clear and sunny. Fantastic! Had food and then went home and then came back out again for quiet beers with Bobby. Bumped into Jason Clarke for the first time in ages which was nice. Relatively early night. Yay. Got home to find out that Dad hasn’t been well – Melissa alerted me to it by MSN messenger bless her. Phoned Dad and spoke to him but missed Karen so didn’t get the full version. We’ll see. It’s at times like this I feel so very, very far away from the UK…
Slept badly again, again. :o( Continued with yesterday’s dream and the 15 minute thing, but somehow rationalised it all again in my head so it could keep happening every 15 minutes. I had graphs and everything. Apparently. Grrr. Into work. Dull. Finished late and then hit the gym. Was meant to run too, but it was just too late. Home, food, tidy up (house inspection for the house sale sprung on the boys late yesterday!). Bed.
Up early-ish this morning. Still didn’t sleep great again, but I think the 15 minute thing has had it’s.. er.. 15 minutes. :o) Work. Dull. Heading off in a tick for Gary’s citizenship ceremony at Town Hall. We’re being austra-cised one by one! I’m going to try and visit a place that sells english sweeties and get him some stuff as a pressie. Hope I’ll get there before it shuts!
No real plans for the week. Gym a lot. Sleep if I can. Running. That’s all for the moment!

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