Friday, June 25, 2004

Doh. Another Friday creeps around and I wonder what I’ve been up to. In the words of Japan, I second that emotion. No, er visions of China. Er no. Here comes the quiet life again. Well it beats the rain I suppose. *stops waffling*
Well Friday night was indeed legs at the gym. Thence home. I’ve a feeling I went out, but I can’t quite remember. Actually no, probably not as I was due at the gym Saturday at 10am. Which I did. I kind of piked the run afterwards though, as my legs were aching. Home and food I think, then up to meet Bobby and into Oxford Street to have coffee and a catch up with Wayne the dentist. Went to Foodgame. Noice! Then we hit the Colombian for a swift vodka and cranberry in memory of Pete but it was vile so we headed back to Newtown instead. Think eventually we hit the Newtown again after I’d had a nice dinner with Pete, Johnno and Paul. The Newtown wasn’t up to much though, it has to be said. Tony popped down for a beer and it was nice to see him. Home and to bed not long after midnight.
Sunday. Up not too late. Brekky with Rich and Russ at the Chocolate Dog. Noice. Home and rest a bit before doing a hilly run in the park. Obviously I needed to relax after that and so ended up round at one of the guy’s places from last weekend. Just to be polite, naturally. Finished being polite around 7pm and headed home so I could wish Dad happy Father’s Day. Then went for a quick beer at the Newtown with Bobby which was so hideous we drank our beer and left. Straight outside to a cab to take us to the Shift. Which wasn’t that much better… except for Mad Mark being there. Mark’s a guy that we see out at some of the parties – Indulgence, Bad Dog etc. Sporadically. Sexy, hairy, cute – but completely barking. Or at least out of control on party times. Anyway one thing led to another…
Mark very kindly dropped me home at 7.30am Monday. Ugh. Not much sleep after beer and… well, let’s just say I wasn’t at my brightest. Good job I had a full day of learning to be a back up trainer that day. Monday night was quiet. Tuesday work and then tried to run at the gym. My legs really ached – almost like shin splints. Danger! So I stopped. And went home pissed off. Wednesday was work and gym with Peter and then dinner with Bobby who wasn’t at his best due to a work cock up and his visa. He wasn’t best pleased, but I think by the end of the night he felt a bit better, and me (and Alan on the phone from NZ) convinved him to still do Melbourne (more shortly). Yesterday work and then shopping in town and Oxford St. I bought socks and a CD and some DVDs. Yay. Home via the Happy Chef for fantastic wonton soup. And so here we are again. Friday. Today is slightly different though as I’m flying off to Melbourne for the weekend. There’s a bit of a bear event happening, and it’s a good chance to catch up with a few people too. Beers and social events with what I’m sure will be a selection of sexy men. Can’t wait. Can’t wait to get out of Sydney either… it’s been too long. Roll on the 8pm flight!

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