Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Weekend hung out for, done, dusted and more than ready for the next one! Friday ended up being a quiet one in with Aaron at my place. I cooked pasta and veggies and we had wine and vegged out in front of X-Men which was on telly. Yay.
Saturday was a leisurely morning followed by a stroll up to meet Rich and Russ at the Milk Bar for something to eat. It was a glorious day and so as if by magic we ended up at the beach. R'n'R, Pete and Johnno and me and Aaron. La Perouse - fun. First beach day in ages, and I'd forgotten how nice it is. Though it's still spring and the water was freezing! Headed back with Pete and Johnno and did coffee and cake at the Grumpy Baker. Noice. We then all ran round like mad things and suddenly we were having pizza in Newtown at Wedgetail. Rich and Russ didn't join us in the end though... and then we went to see Kill Bill Vol.1. Well... lots of people had told me it was great so I was quite looking forward to it. And it delivered. I really enjoyed it. Sure it's violent, but to the point where it's like Itchy and Scratchy on the Simpsons. You become immured from it. It actually takes on a cartoon like quality (and not just the section of the movie that actually becomes a cartoon). Uma is great - she really does (literally!) kick ass. Am ready for the next instalment already, but we have to wait until February. Grrr. From there it was briefly to the Colombian and then down to the Phoenix. Have to say it was disappointing. Fun to head down with Pete, Johnno and Aaron, but it didn't really do it for any of us. The crowd was a bit strange and the music was dire. No good. P+J headed up to Arq but we decided to stay a little longer as some of Aaron's mates were there. We ended up back at Warren's, chilling instead. Home by 6am...
and up at noon-ish. Tea and music and dozing. Met P+J at the Chocolate Dog in Newtown as I had the biggest hankering for sweet potato pancakes with bacon and sweet chilli sauce. Noice. Then it suddenly became the middle of winter again - cold and almost rainy - so Aaron and I retired back to Brumby St and watched Donnie Darko on DVD. Cool film. We were going to then chill, but Pete called and I ended up down the Shift with him for a beer. A few others there - Mark, Stephen initially and later Pete and Johnno and Tony. Fun but a bit later than necessary given the weekend's other activities. Bed after 11pm.
Monday - work. No gym as tired. Decided we'd go to the Here and Now concert at the Entertainment Centre. Consisiting of a 'not to be missed' 80s line up I'd been debating for ages whether to go and just thought 'sod it'! It was fun! We met Gary and Peter for a beer and Hungry Jack's before and missed the two Aussie bands - 1927 and Mondo Rock. We were nicely in place however for Go West and Belinda Carlisle and they did pretty good renditions of their classics. Next up Paul Young. Oh dear. He tried hard but bless him his voice is shot. Completely. We had beer instead and got ready for the two headline acts. First up - Kim Wilde. She was great. She looked good and looked like she was having a blast! Fun performance that really got the crowd dancing and singing. The 10 minute break before the Human League really split the whole gig into two parts and the last set was very much a Human League mini-gig whereas the rest had been a kind of 'best of' reminisce. The Human League were great though less sing-a-long than Kim. However for those afficionados amongst us it was great. We got Hard Times/Love Action; Open your heart; The Lebanon; Human; Mirror Man; (Keep feeling) Fascination; Tell me when and Don't you want me. Fantastic. They hinted they might tour separately next year in Oz. Bring it on! Beer with Gary afterwards and then home. Late. Tired now.
Tuesday. Work. No gym again as I couldn't get out of bed today. Aaron left at 6.45am and I slept on until gone 8am. Hoping for a quiet rest of week. Have to phone Dad later - it's four years today that my Mum died.

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