Thursday, November 20, 2003

Thursday arvo and about an hour until home time. Been naughty and ditched the gym in favour of going home early for a change. Haven't been out for lunch even (chilli chicken rolls are delivered in on a Thursday) so will be well gone by 5pm. Not too much to report since last post... or actually there is. Ended up at a local art exhibition last night after work with Tony - nice to catch up with him and Adam that runs the shop, and a couple of free glasses of wine to boot. Thence to somewhere else for dinner with Tony - and I don't even know the name of the place! My risotto was nice though. Meantime I took a call from Pete who's not in the best of frames of mind re the house. I've a suspicion that he might want to put it back on the market - and if he does I can't afford to buy him out and so that's that. We'll see. He wants to move in short term so we're doing some cleaning this weekend. Chance to chat I think - hopefully he'll come round. It'll be a real wasted opportunity if we end up getting rid of it. Home to a slightly weird chat with Aaron on the phone. He wants to 'talk' tonight, though assures me it's all good. We'll see later I suppose. So that kind of took the wind out of my sails last night. Hey skanky ho.
Into work early as mentioned, and at our weekly meeting it was announced that my promotion had finally been made official. So I'm now a Senior Flight Analyst... which means bugger all really. I get a bit more pay but lose my rostered days off (essentially a flex day a month) so that's a bit of a bummer. Whatever. I guess I don't have to do a great deal more work-wise except mentor new starters (which I've already done) and do some systems development and so on (which I'm already doing) so business as usual then.
Tonight will be cheap food at home, then drinks with Robert in Newtown for a catch up before he heads to Blighty for a couple of weeks. After that I'll find out just what Aaron's got to say...

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