Thursday, November 06, 2003

Thursday again. Another week passes. Dave fails to remember what's been going on. Again. Probably. I can't remember what happened last Thursday night. I know I should, but I can't. Maybe I had an early night. Maybe I didn't. Aha! Let me check tonight's telly guide and see if that rings any bells for last week. Bear with me a second...OK. I was somewhere out coz I know I missed Kath and Kim. But can I remember where? Can I bollocks. One last hope - lemme check sent emails last Friday. It's a long shot but it just might work. Yay! OK, Out with Pete for a couple of beers as he needed distraction. Aaron joined us as we hit the dodgy pizza place and we pigged out. Then home to bed. With a mosquito. Not the nicest of threesomes let me tell you...
Friday was work and gym and home. Out with Aaron and Pete and Johnno for pizza on Crown St and then for beers. Colombian and then Oxford. Then home and not too late to bed. Dozed in with Aaron Saturday morning before hitting the local cafe for bacon and egg roll. Yum. Aaron tootled off, I got my hair cut and then hooked up with Pete. We kind of mooched, waiting for Rich the architect to call and go through plans. He finally called to say it would be much later, so we kind of just meandered. Pete's not been in the best of humours and eventually his mood rubbed off on me and I had this feeling of impending doom. We ended up in Newtown shopping for clothes (he bought, I didn't in the end) and then suddenly there was a million things to do in about 4 minutes. Aaron kindly drove me over to Rich and Russ's to pick something up to take to Pete and Johnno's. From there to Aaron's; then mine; then out to the Bent magazine anniversary party thing where Aaron's ex was playing. The performance was actually pretty good, though the singers let the songs down a bit. Still fun though. From there it was off to Bad Dog - arranging to meet all and sundry there. And so we did :o) It was fun, as ever, though I felt the music to be a bit disappointing this time round. Didn't stop us having a blast though - Johnno and Pete seemed to enjoy it and we spent most of the time with them, Tony and Dave. J+P adjourned to Arq around 5am but we decided not to go - it's just wrong after a Bad Dog... from attitude free, fun, alternative music to shiny, smooth men with their heads up their arses? I don't think so! We adjourned to Aaron's and then to Fred's, with Dave and Michael. We then had to go and pick up the house plans at 9.30am having had no sleep and still in party mode. Fun! I think. Back to Fred's where we watched Spirited Away on DVD. Lovely. Finally to Aaron's around 2.30pm and sleep. Up around 6pm for updates all round then ordered turkish pizza, chatted and were asleep again by 10pm. Marvellous!
So as you can imgine, work wasn't the best on Monday morning. But I survived. Left a bit early to meet Johnno and his Pete at the house so they could repair next door's damage. Pete came to look at the plans that night and was kind of non-committal which is slightly concerning. We need to sort that out! I had a very early night that night.
Tuesday was work over at NGI all day, which wasn't too bad. Gym in the middle of it. It was also Melbourne Cup day (Grand National equivalent) but I couldn't be bothered to bet. Had to meet Johnno at the house again and then adjourned to the supermarket. Aaron came over and we had a lamb roast and watched telly. Noice. Yesterday was psycho trainer at lunch and then home and a lazy time. Cooked and watched telly and was in bed and asleep around 9.20pm. Rock 'n' roll! Slept through until gone 7am this morning.
Today's been work; gym and I'm about to try and do some phoning to work out if we can get our house plans submitted and sped through council. Wish me luck. Heading off to a book launch later and then a couple of beers with Gary. Half day tomorrow. Woohoo!

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