Friday, November 14, 2003

Hanging out for the weekend...

Robert's book launch last Thursday was interesting. Nice to see Murray as always, and of course Robert himself. Probably the only place I'll ever hear a lesbian reading out loud a book passage about gay men and fisting. But you get that... Aaron accompanied me and we ran a bit late meeting Gary and Pete L for drinks at the Colombian. Food and home. Friday was work and a half day. The afternoon was spent at council and the with Johnno for coffee and chats, bless him. Hit the supermarket and then Aaron came over and we watched a made for telly movie version of one of my favourite books as a child - A Wrinkle in Time. It wasn't half bad actually and weird that so much of it is still indelibly imprinted on my brain after some 30 or so years...
Saturday morning was lazy and then brekky with Rich and Russ. I then did coffee with Dave in Potts Point and Dr Pete and Johnno joined us there. Aaron came over too and he and I then went to some mates of his for a birthday drinks bash. Michael and Costas seem very nice, and weirdly they live in the Tewkesbury Apartments - where I first lived when I moved to Sydney in August 1998. Strange to be there again. Well the drink was flowing and soon we were a little tipsy. With every intention of hitting the Phoenix later, Aaron and I went and had Vietnamese, then hit my place to chill. Which involved playing lots of trashy music and then, without really realising it, crashing out. Probably for the best. Sunday morning was brekky with Aaron in Darlinghurst and then we hit town for shopping. Ended up at the Tilbury to meet Dr Pete and Johnno, which was odd. Not really our sort of place, but always nice to see the boys. Finally home, Aaron ate and then bed. I was feeling full of cold, which crept up on me after crashing out. A bit bizarre, but quite full on. Haven't been that sniffly for ages.
Monday - work. Catch up with Pete at the Trinity to hear his news. Tuesday work and then over to Gary's for pasta and Finding Nemo on his new plasma screen TV. Noice. Wednesday work, gym, Aaron. Dinner - chinese in Newtown. Snuggle. Sleep. Yesterday work - awful day at work. Lots of messy bits. Not happy. Met Pete to talk housey housey and then Aaron came and sped me to Newtown. We met Dr Pete and Johnno and went for more Vietnamese. Lots of fun.
today - Friday. Work. Not done a great deal. Nixed the gym. Ready for home. Soon. Not sure what the weekend holds. Definite catch up with Rich the architect and Pete at some point. Maybe Phoenix with Dr P+J. Brekky with R'n'R again? Who can say?

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