Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Wednesday arvo and I'm buggered. Missus. Just back from an hour with the psycho trainer at the gym. Today's torture? Cardio. So after a total of 57 minutes of treadmill; rowing and crosstrainer, with running up and down 4 flights of stairs 5 times as a little 'break' twixt treadmill and rowing you might not be so surprised I'm so bushed. An hour and a half to kill before hometime... whatever can I do? Actually I've been very productive today - I did all my normal work and then updated my special eventing so I'm completely caught up with everything. Well that's at least one aspect of my life that's under control then. Stayed in last night waiting for the architect to call for me to go and collect the final version of the plans for council before Rich buggered off on holiday for 2 weeks. Slightly dismayed then when, by 9pm, I rang to find he's left them for me to pick up at his work instead. Which is miles away and very inconvenient if you haven't got a car. And he's not done a couple of things I think we might need for submission and so I don't even know if we'll get this in before December. Bugger x3. So I ate and watched trashy telly and rang Aaron. Then I rang my Dad - I mentioned almost as a throwaway at the end of the last post that it was four years yesterday since Mum died. Dad seemed OK. A family friend was taking him up to the crematorium where there's a memorial to Mum and then they were going out for lunch afterwards. That'll be perfect for Dad. It still feels weird sometimes that's Mum's not around - but probably more so for me given the frequency that I dream about her. We weren't ever particularly close - as a family we've always been closer amongst siblings than the parent-child bond, but I do seem to dream about Mum with frightening regularity. Nothing bad particularly, she's just there. Mind you, my dreams are generally rooted in the past than in either the now or the future. Oftentimes there are people from school - most of whom I've not seen nor even heard about since 1983. Sometimes people from Uni - and I left there some 15 years ago. Weird. I'm sure some psychoanalysts would have a field day about something I've repressed from my childhood years but I'm buggered if I can remember anything. And no, it most definitely wasn't that!!

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