Monday, November 24, 2003

Monday afternoon - and a quick update before I head off home. Had a pretty good weekend though of course I'm a bit tired now. Will I ever learn? (And just in case anyone actually thinks about replying to that last question, it was rhetorical. Thanks.)
Thursday evening was as described - think I had eggs, toast and tea. Marvellous. Out to meet Robert at Newtown and we had a chinwag and a couple of beers before Aaron arrived. After food for Aaron we retired back to Brumby St and had 'the chat'. Aaron had said it was all good, and all he really wanted to say was that he wants us to make a real go of things. He was holding back a bit as he's only fairly recently out of a relationship and he was planning a bit of single life, but the best laid plans... So I guess it's official. Yay! :o)
Friday was work and gym and home. Aaron came over and we headed out to Dave's birthday drinks in Woolloomooloo. It was miserable weather - all cold and rainy (and in fact was over all weekend and still is!). Drinks were low key and we were a bit tired so we ended up home and in bed before midnight. I must buy Dave a birthday present...
Saturday was a slight sleep in and then I went to the house to meet Pete. No further discussions of what's happening as we just cleaned the place ready for Pete to move in there short term this weekend. Hopefully after that he can stay at my place whilst Kerry's away for Christmas and hopefully after that we should have plans approved and work can start. Watch this space... I don't think we've heard the last of this yet. It was good to see Pete in a good mood though. We were done by late lunch and so went and ate before I headed down into town to fix my watch which broke on Thursday night. That done I bought a new phone which is something I've been meaning to do for ages, so that's fun and funky. I've not shopped for anything really for ages so that was actually good to do to. Next project - clothes...
Back home and after food it was time for Allan and Brendan's 40th birthday bash. They'd hired a big ship - the HMAS Vampire down in Darling Harbour. Great venue, but a couple of slight hitches. Firstly and the biggest problem - the wind and rain. It was such a shame - it still ended up being a great night but would have been better had we not had to huddle round each other keeping warm. Secondly, the rugby world cup final. Actually that wasn't a big issue though we could hear all the cheering from the bars dotted around the harbour, and it made travel a little more interesting. From the party it was time to hit the Colombian to meet Aaron, with the intention of going to the Imperial for a change. However suddenly we were in the Phoenix with Russ and a few of the usual gang and the rest is history - Arq; meeting up with Pete and Johnno; stumbling home at 9am. Doh. Fun though.
We had tea and decided not to sleep so just kept ourselves amused a while :o) Then we did actually kip for about an hour before getting ready and hitting Michae and Costa's place for lunch. We managed to eat too, remarkably! It was nice to catch up with them and their mad mates... hopefully we'll do it more. Then Aaron was heading off to watch some live bands but I couldn't cut it. Too in need of a veg out. So I did, with some documentary about Michael Jackson followed by The Grinch. Good for doing nothing to. Aaron popped back over and bed at 10.30pm. Slept like babies.
Today's just been work. No gym - too tired and it's still rainy and miserable. Grrr. A quiet week this week. Please. Very quick drink tomorrow with Gary as it's his birthday and then a few of us are having a meal on Friday for further celebration. Saturday is a birthday/house-warming thing for Murray in the afternoon. I'm hoping the rest of the nights this week remain free!

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