Monday, August 27, 2001

Am still not well. Fairly quiet weekend. Friday's joy at feeling better was scuppered by waking with stomach cramps and so on (I'm sure I don't have to go into great detail on here...) early Saturday morning. Friday night was OK though. Saturday had to get out as otherwise I'd have gone mad. Garry and I walked to Newtown and had a look round there. Quite good fun. Back to watch the World Music Awards (dreadful) and then in theory Twelve Monkeys. However we ended up playing on the net and hitting the Oxford and the Shift. Sunday still not right bowel-wise and so stayed here. Garry came round and we messed on the net and drank tea. Met Mat at the Oxford at 6pm-ish and I was home to watch Babe - Pig in the City at 8.30pm. Bed.

Still no better this morning so have been to the doctors. Got giardia apparently, and now have some pills to take for it. Should sort itself out fairly quickly apparently and so fingers crossed. I'll try and eat more as the week progresses and get back to the gym when I'm a bit stronger. Trying to work out the few days in the sun. Talking to Tony about it at the mo - in fact meeting him for coffee (or weak black tea as it will be for me) within the hour. A quiet week I think. I'm so ready to be fit and well. Hey ho.

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