Wednesday, August 29, 2001

I am King of the Uneventful. Never has so little been done by one person for so long. Got up. Did nowt. Except visit the toilet too many times. Damn this Beaver Fever! Finally got my act together and showered and shaved and readied myself for a trip downtown. It was at this point that the heavens opened. Great. I had soup. The weather brightened. I went and paid my last rent on this place and then hit the movies. Planet of the Apes. Well it passed a couple of hours. So much for the 'surprise' ending. Saw it a mile off. Home. Shite telly. I mean really shite. I will tell you all about how dull Oz telly is, but maybe not tonight. It's still raining and cold, so tonight it's heater on and an early night. Best news of all is that I've not been to the loo since about 11am. Am very hopeful as I've also done a couple of farts. Believe me, as news goes for the last week, that's a pretty major deal for me!! :o)

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