Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Hmmm. Weird old day. Slept badly again. Up at 9am. Got a message from Tony asking if I wanted to do lunch. Decided to fix a small problem with the PC. Ended up taking from 11.30am until the last phone call finishing at 8.45pm. Jeez... Interrupted that for what was a nice lunch with Tony in the park. Ate pizza and finally got the PC sorted out. Caught up with everyone's blogs - made for good reading today. Good luck to all the quiz boys (currently having a quick chat with Jon) and thanks to Rob for bringing so many memories of the Tavern flooding back. The answer is 5 by the way Rob! :o) Right, going to bed in a sec as I'm for some reason very shivery, cold and achy. Oh dear. Hope it's not flu :o(

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