Friday, August 03, 2001

Well I'm slightly befuddled and really not in the best frames of mind. Can't really remember what I've done since the last entry. Wednesday worked late - until gone 8pm. Home, food, brief chat to Tony. Bed. Yesterday I didn't blog as Blogger was down. Work was OK . Got the content map finished. Left work at a reasonable time and nipped briefly home before meeting Tony to go to the movies. We saw 'You can count on me', which was actually very good. On then to grab some food, bumping into Denis and Justin (Brett's friends from Perth) on the way. Food was good, but less good was 'that' talk that Tony and I had at the end of the meal. He needs time out. From me. Too many things going on for him right now. He's uncertain about where we're headed, but rather than just stop he wants to clear his head of all his other stuff and then see where he's at after that. This probably means that for the next three weeks or so we won't see much of one another and, if we do, it's as friends. I wondered if this was a way of letting me down gently. He assures me it's not. He's not lied so far, so I have to believe him. Not sure I can play the waiting game though. It'll kill me. Hardly slept last night and so am a) exhausted and b) for some reason on the verge of tears. Not a great look for my weekly one on one with my boss. Still. I'll get through. I always do.

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