Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Well another very, very uneventful day has passed. Yesterday concluded in dull style. Had tea with Tony and we tried a bit of half-assed clothes shopping. Home to crap telly. Bland chicken and boiled potatoes so I could take my tablets as a cure for the giardia. Watched Boston Public, The Secret Life of Us, spoke to Dad, Karen, Garry and Darren and left messages for Stevie P and Richie and Martyn. Bed around 11pm. Over it all.

Hopes for miracle cure overnight were scuppered by the 7.30am run to the bathroom. All's been OK since 10.30am though, so hopefully I'm over the worst. Sorted through my CDs which has been niggling a while, and tried to install various bits of software on here that I've been meaning to reinstall since I reloading the entire operating system. I think my CD drive is buggered though. Some stuff loads, some doesn't. Annoyingly one of the things that won't load is Microsoft Office - so I can't look at or create any Word or Excel documents. Pain. Think I might have to send the PC away to be fixed which is even more of a pain. May try and coincide it with going into the sun. Still need to sort that. Dull night ahead. More plain chicken and boiled potatoes. Crap telly. Early bed. Can everyone wish for something nice to happen please? Thanks.

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