Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Hmm. The Wednesday after the long weekend that was and I’ve not blogged a jot. Actually that’s not true… I blogged a brief intro to the next entry about a week ago but have just been too busy to get round to it. Naughty Davie. OK – where were we? Friday before the long weekend. Not sure I can remember that far back at my age…

Friday night ended up out for beers with Garry, Ant and Michael (his Michael - it seems that everyone has one these days except me) at the Oxford, the Beresford and then the Barracks. Not a late night - perhaps just as well. Up Saturday for Video Hits - that after a nice long sleep. What did I do through the day? Not much. Went and got my haircut and hated it, which really pissed me off. Why do hairdressers never listen? I’d intended to get something military to match the Sleaze outfit but it was not to be. I came home and went over to Rich and Russ’s with Adrian and had coffee. Lazy day really. Home and cut my hair myself, and then Garry finished me off. Food and then over to R’n’R’s again for pre-Sleaze drinks. Fun! Then about 15 or so of use headed down to the party. Was it good? It was OK… I’ve had better parties. The music was ok when we arrived and for the first couple of hours. After that though it was dire – both in the Hordern and the Dome. Me and Rich and Russ spent most of the evening together, walking between places trying to find some good music. Nothing major to report – the usual suspects were there. Michael was floating around but didn’t see him much. Had a brief snog with the lovely Andy Palmer – yum. Oh, and the lovely Daniel too. Anyway, by about 6.20am we were over it and so off we went. I nipped home and grabbed stuff and went back to R’n’R’s to shower. Adrian met us there and we hit the Barracks at about 8.20am. Again it was OK. Music was much better but it was just thin on the ground. Where did everyone go? Who knows? The Shift was empty apparently. Maybe everyone was just saving themselves for the Gay Games parties coming up. Anyway, more flirting with Andy P but it became obvious he’s not really interested, though he was very trashed. Anyway, hoping to get to know him better as he’s a nice bloke. Also the funniest thing was that this bloke came up to me and said I had a fantastic body. Yeah right. Look at the size of him! Maybe he wanted me to say something along the lines of ‘Oh, but yours is so much better!’. I don’t know. All I do know I was so flabbergasted that I just said thanks and walked off! We finally stumbled out of there around 1.40pm and went to R’n’R’s for tea. In the end we decided we should all sleep before Queer Nation…

And so I went home and showered and hit the Green Park! Anthony and Michael were there and then Daniel. We flirted a bit and he decided to try and join us at QN… I toddled off to R’n’R’s and with Adrian we got a cab down to Home. Still like the venue. Music was OK. I was just too knackered, having not slept since Fri night. I lasted about 2 hours, then took myself to the top floor to the small dancefloor and danced up against a wall in case I fell over. The music was fun up there – particularly in the retro half hour when we got Dee-Lite, Salt and Pepa and Bob Sinclar. Fab. Eventually joined the others to leave around 6.30am. They partied on at the Shift; I fell into a small coma.

Up around 1pm maybe? Oh I dunno. Coffee with the crowd in the afternoon and the beers with Garry and Michael (Adrian’s) later. Bed.

Last week through the week was a bit of a non-event. Work’s been really busy which was great. Kept me from lapsing back into holiday mode. Had dinner at R’n’R’s with Triple F Steve on Tuesday and then gymmed Wed/Thu/Fri. Friday night was also dinner at R’n’R’s – Adrian and Michael, David and Jayson, Steve and Anthony and John. Fun. 7 of those (including me!) have booked to fly to Brisbane mid-November for Brisbane Sleaze. Great – not done a party up there so should be fun. Also Virgin Blue were doing return flights for $138 (under 50 of your English pounds) so that settled it. Also Jayson’s DJ-ing so it’ll be a blast. Drinks afterwards at the Beresford and Barracks were also a bit of a giraffe, though Michael was getting a bit flirty. Bless him.

Saturday. Woke relatively early at 8.30am and by 9am was breakfasting with R’n’R, Adrian and Tim. Fun. Watched the world go by and then did a bit of tidying and stuff and then we decided to go to Bondi and do the walk to Bronte – for the first time since I lived there I think! Lovely day too. Back and briefly to Adrian’s to wish him and Fred luck for the house sale… though as it turned out it didn’t sell. Never mind. Then to the movies to see Goldmember – very funny. A bit too much toilet humour in parts, but some genuine laugh out loud bits and great cameos. Intended to gym, but after that it was too late. Home. Garry and I decided to go to Newtown for a change, and so we had a beer or two in the Oxford (with Mat and Pank) and off we toddled. Upon walking in the Newtown there was a guy who’s been checking me out at the gym… and Garry walked straight up to him and said hi! As it turned out I’d actually met him once too, through Gary (Max and Gary). Andrew was with some mates also going to the Imperial and so we kind of all melded into one group. Fun. Imperial was great – different people, nice mix, trashy music. Perfect. Lots of flirting with Andrew and mates. We lasted until coming back to Oxford St around 3.30am and hitting the Oxford. I left Garry there and hit the Phoenix. Very quiet… however I did manage to amuse myself somehow until 8am…

Adrian rang at midday wanting brekky. Ugh. I dragged myself up (no, I don’t mean.. oh, you know!) and hit the Milk Bar. On to R’n’R’s and hung out a while but decided I should have a bit of a sleep before the Green Park. Busy. Full of sexy men. Lots of fun. On to the Palace. Also fun. Michael was there. Oh really. Dave from Bad Dog was DJ-ing so we had a bit of a snog… and then as if by magic Andrew appeared. Of course it turned out that R’n’R know him. Oh really. Russ and Rich went home and we hit the Shift with Triple F Steve for one. In bed by around 11pm.

Managed to get up for my 7am appointment with Liz. Not sure how. Started to develop a new gym program – a body part a day. Means I have to go minimum 4 times a week – ideally 5. That’s going to test my mettle. Excited though, as people are starting to notice the change in my body shape. Yay. Work again busy this week. Nice dinner Monday night and slob. Dinner at R’n’R’s last night after gym again. Bumped into Andrew again there… we’re having dinner tonight! Meant to be having dinner with Dave tomorrow too… we’ll see.

So, finally I’m up to date again. Yippee. Quiet times until the Games. Haven’t heard from Jason H – hoping he’s still going to be in town this weekend. More news as it happens. Oh, and trying to break the lease on the apartment to move out – am fed up of having the prospect of a leaky roof every time it rains, and I think we can get somewhere with a dishwasher and laundry and balcony and so on, so why not? Watch this space and keep fingers crossed.

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