Monday, October 21, 2002

Monday arvo. This thing's been playing silly bloggers with me all weekend. I was going to update on Saturday night, but for some reason it wasn't showing the big update I did last week as being live and so I didn't. And then yesterday we had some runtime errors. Trust me? I did try! So, almost a week hence. I left you with dates in hand and a quiet weekend on the cards. Well?

Wednesday night. Gym after work and then rang Andrew to confirm dinner. We were having a beer in the Oxford by 8pm and dinner at a very nice cheap Vietnamese by about 9pm. Interesting evening ? we've a lot in common and it was nice to talk music and just stuff with someone fun and animated. We even worked out (we think, though this is yet to be confirmed 100% by the other party) that Andrew may have slept with Stevie P (my bestest friend in London!). Weird. Watch this space. Back to the Oxford for one last drink and then Andrew nipped off in a cab around 11pm after a brief snog. Nice! Home. Internet. Sleep.

Had a little sleep in (though not been sleeping well generally) as it was the first of two consecutive dentist days. Nice. Off I trotted and found out I'd transposed the two appointments, which meant the first appointment was the hour long two filling one. I'd been casually expecting the pleasant Kiwi hygienist who says 'Yeah' much too often. However Wayne got to it, and a reasonably pleasant hour passed. I can say that as someone who has fillings with no anaesthetic. No sir. Just let them drill away. As it were.
So good was his work that I was able to have a coffee on the way home. No soreness, no aching, no numb, dribbly mouth. Yippee. Into work and I'm sure it was fascinating. Actually it was? I did an analysis of all the November flights that have been stuffed up by the myriad schedule changes that have been foisted upon the Cairns marketplace by the Schedules guys. So I've requested ad-hoc flights and upgrades a go-go. Let's hope they can free me up a 767 or two. Home and gym. 4th time that week. Going great guns. Dave had cancelled the date due to his work commitments (rescheduled for dinner and movie at Govinda's next Wednesday instead), so I caught up with Russ at T2. In theory $5 steaks with mash. In practice $10 steaks with chips (and mash extra) as the deal is only Mon-Wed. Doh! Rich joined us and a few people stopped to chat (check shirted Daddy from last week's Green Park; Sam, a lovely girl that the boys know from nights out on the town). And then, as if by magic, we'd been talked into going to Arq for a Mardi Gras fundraiser. How did that happen? Anyway, it was fun, but really shouldn't have done it as it was a school night. Stumbled home around 4am. Ouch. Coma.

Woke at 8am. Rough as a badger's arse. On the day's agenda - negotiate my way out of our year long apartment lease 3 months early; dental hygienist visit; work. One of those things had to give, and the one that went was - work. Felt bad, but just couldn't have hacked it. Strolled to see Conrad about the lease and he was as nice as pie. Told us we could move out and just give them a week's notice. And then he said he hoped the dentist went OK. Now he cares!! Weird. Anyway off to the dentist it was and came away with my pearly whites a-sparkling. Decided to have brekky at Go-Go's, bumping into Gary Jones's ex Richard at the lights... and he was heading there too so we had brekky together. Back to the ranch and vegged out. Played on the net a while. Dave was online and we started chatting. And flirting. And more flirting. And then he was going to the gym. And my place is kind of on the way back to the office for him. And? :o) *Lovely*

Wasn't sure whether I should go out or not Friday night, but Adrian was very persuasive and so I met him round at Rich and Russ's around 10pm after something nice to eat. Down the Beresford we went, and then on to the Barracks. Lots of people out actually and a fun night had. Not too late though. Home and bed around 1am I think...

Awake about 9am Saturday morning. Garry disappeared off to pick up the car (he was going to Canberra for the weekend) and then arrived back and left again. I got milk and the paper and had breakfast whilst scanning the Apartments for Rent small ads. Managed to find about 5 I thought might be suitable and worked out a running order and itinerary. Off I toddled! Numbers 1,2,3 and 5 were vile. Number 4 was the one Garry and I had our eye on from the website and it is very nice. I spoke to Garry after I left and we decided we should apply even though he's not seen it. Watch this space. Michael called to see if I wanted to do coffee in the midst of all of this, but didn't seem too despondent when he found out I was busy...

Home. Dozed a while and then dragged my sorry butt down the gym. Was feeling in a weird mood... hadn't heard from Jason about meeting up this weekend, felt a bit unsettled by the whole apartment thing and just wasn't feeling 100%. Anyway. Online I popped. Started chatting to the lovely Andy Palmer (who said he wasn't coming out for a beer). Doh. Jason texted me, telling me to meet him at Stonewall at 10pm. StoneVile? Why? Jason, what were you thinking?? Anyway, my mood lifted a little and so I decided to cut my hair off in celebration. Still chatting to Andy who suddenly said that he was reading my blog and was flattered he'd got a mention. He was quite enjoying it (apparently) and we got into discussion about Michael and his behaviour as Andy's friends with a guy called Tim who was seeing Michael before I was. Suddenly another message from Andy popped onto the screen. 'You know Jason Harding'. Er? I explained to Andy that it was in fact Jason I was meeting at the pub… and whaddya know? They used to see each other when Jason lived in Melbourne! How small a world? Not even six inches of separation? Anyway, the upshot of all of this was that Andy decided to venture out after all so we said we'd have a beer at the Barracks. I went off to meet Jason and it was great to see him. Looking very muscly. Good to catch up on what all the guys back in the UK have been up to. Jase was heading off to Arq and so around half past midnight I hit the Barracks. Andy was already there so we had a couple of beers and carried on the evening’s conversations. We decided to leave and Andy very kindly asked if I’d like to go home with him. Let me think about that for a second… er, yes! So very soon we were in sunny Marrickville. Andy’s got a great place and he put on some good chill out music and off we went. Actually we were still minkering and at one point I was knocked in directions I didn’t even know existed! Thank you Andy. And so to bed…

Up Sunday morning. Eventually. You know the score. Fun. Oh, and Andy… not sure of the derivation of ‘le petit mort’ – it doesn’t seem to be from one single source, and the other French word is sauterelle. Just thought I’d finish that off for completeness… We showered and stuff and headed out to brekky at the Chocolate Dog in Newtown. Had lovely food with a very nice man. It’s nice to meet someone sexy and yet down to earth too… hopefully I’ll get chance to get to know Andy some more. After brekky Andy kindly dropped me back here where I just chilled a while. Eventually though it was time for the Green Park and the Palace. The Green Park was weird – not overly busy but with people I didn’t know. I had one drink and retreated to the Palace… where almost everyone I know was! It was fun. From there to the Shift for a couple more beers, then takeaway Indian food before collapsing into a small coma.

Slept badly but managed to get to the gym for 7am for part two of the new program. Into work a bit late and decided we’d focus on putting in an application for apartment number 4 from Saturday. So we did. Garry’s gone to see it this afternoon so fingers crossed… Right back to work.. more in a bit.

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