Thursday, October 03, 2002

OK, following on from the last post but one.. grrr. I left you with me and Garry in Newtown shopping for clothes. Garry actually bought a cheap wig which looks very bizarre let me tell you! We pottered around some more though finally headed home after another beer in the Bank. I decided to hit the gym, then had a lazy dinner watching the Bill. Russ had taken his brand new bike out for a test ride in the early evening and as it was dusk he failed to see the chain across the cycle path. Ouch. One broken arm later... get well soon matey. I was still in mischevious mood, so after showering and all that, and a brief trip to R'n'R's I hit the Oxford around 11pm. Chatted to Tall Darren for a while and then was on the way to the Shift when I met up with Pank and crowd. We decided (wrongly as it turned out) to go straight to the Pheonix and so there we were, us and the tumbleweed. It actually didn't get that busy all night, but finally around 1.30am it at least reached critical mass. The music was pretty good and I managed to work the room. If you know what I mean. I made a move around 6am, but was spotted heading back to my place around 8am by Rich, who'd just dropped Russ off at the hospital again.

Rich called as I was showering pre-bed, so I decided to eschew sleep and we did tea at Battuta. Russ joined us and the we had more tea at theirs before going out for brekky proper at the MilkBar. I finally decided I should sleep at least a little and did so before getting ready and hitting Tony's at Bondi. Pete joined us there for a beer and then we hit Bad Dog at Waverley Bowling Club. Weird. We had a few beers as it was still mid-afternoon and chatted to mates assorted - Patrick and George, Deano and the Michael formerly known as mine, David Bassett and Gary... and then at around 5pm Rich's smiley face popped up in the crowd. They'd been up earlier and managed to get a last minute ticket on the door. Marvellous. And so the minkering commenced. Boy did it. The music was fantastic - the highlight for me being the two tracks off Felix da Housecat that they played. One of the best nights in a while - had snogs with sexy men and just had a ball. Too soon it ended at 10pm but the crowd had to continue on, so we hit the Pheonix. More fun. I'd kind of hooked up with Dave the DJ at the Palace by that point and he joined Rich and I as we popped up to Arq 'just to see'. Mistake really, and so Rich left and Dave and I went back to the Pheonix for one last beer before retiring to my place around 2.30am. But not until they'd played Love Action :o)

Monday morning was a bit of a rude awakening and I think my total of sleep Fri-Sat-Sun was something like 9-0-4. Erk. Into work for a very quiet day - sweats and almost falling alseep at the PC were the order of the afternoon - not a good look! Somehow managed to get through it though, and the evening was very quiet – telly and nice food. Tuesday did the gym after work and Wednesday too. Coffee Tuesday night with R’n’R. Went for a walk Wednesday night – about as rock ‘n’ roll as I could get! Dinner tonight with Adrian and R’n’R. Maybe slip in a quiet beer afterwards…

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