Friday, October 04, 2002

Yay. 2 hours until the long weekend. Can hardly wait. Also, can hardly keep my eyes open. ‘Oh really? ‘ I hear you ask. Really. It all started after dinner…

Home after work with every intention of going to the gym. However there was a lovely homeless man asleep in our doorway. If I’d have opened the door he’d have fallen flat on his back and I didn’t fancy tackling the ire of a freshly wakened itinerant. So I bolted for coffee instead, and by the time I’d done that with R’n’R and looked in HUM for some CDs he’d gone. Adrian very kindly took us to Rockerfellers for food, which was great and then we hit the Oxford for a beer and joined Mat and Garry. Rod and Tony were there, and also a very cute Arab-looking guy… and most of you reading this know of my penchant for the old Islamabaddy-Daddy… One by one people left, including the sexy man. I decided to have one last drink in the Shift before bed as it was still only about 10.15pm. Got my drink, scanned the room as you do… and who should be there but Islamabaddy-Daddy!. Yeeesssss. So, copped a bit of eye contact over a vodka or two until he came over and said hi. They were on the way to the Barracks and he wanted to know if it would be busy. I said that I thought not but wasn't sure as it was a long weekend etc. Turns out he's American, an artist, and over here on a work related
tour. Just here over the weekend. So he said OK, if it's crap I'll be back. Oh. Really. As he left, Pete (Garry's ex) arrived, so we had another vodka or two and a chat and then as if by magic Islamabaddy-Yankee-Doodle-Daddy appeared. I chatted to Pete a bit more and then said "Bugger this I'm off to talk to him' and did so. His name's Steve. So we chatted a bit more - he asked me if Pete was my boyf, I said no, he said 'Would you like to come to my hotel room?'.

The sprinter's blocks are probably still on the floor at the Oxford.

Very nice. So I got home around 1am. Tired now. Fun though. Ooh mummy. We had Lisa Simpson walking up and down Oxford Street tooting on the saxophone almost all the way through the night. I'm so tired. Also I have another small stye on my eye this morning - the same eye that started the whole thing last time. I've put some of the antibiotic cream on from the last thing and am crossing my fingers. That's just what I need - an eye infection for Sleaze weekend :o( Mind you, compared to Russ's arm it's
nothing really so I shouldn't complain!

Today's dragged a bit but only 30 minutes to go. Going to Cabaret tonight with Michael and some girlfriends of his. Should be interesting. Am looking forward to the show at least, and I think we're eating after. Then sleep. No, really. Gotta save myself for tomorrow.

One final thing - Garry and I have often joked, when singing One Day In Your Life and I'm Outta Love, that it would be great to appear in drag on Stars in Their Eyes and proclaim 'Tonight Matthew I'm going to be... Manastacia'. Well last night Garry came up with one better... Tranny-stacia! Trantastic.

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