Monday, October 28, 2002

Monday arvo and I’m sitting listening to Sunscreem and trying to make it look like I’m busy. Too much fun and not enough sleep over the weekend and I’m rather lacklustre today it has to be said. So, Friday was the last update… and more than a few things have happened since then – mostly good. In fact all pretty damn good!

Friday I met Garry in Edgecliff and we signed the lease on the new place without any drama. I went home and had some food and started to pack. Managed to fit in some surreptitious flirting with sexy Dave and sexy Andy whilst packing which helped to pass the time. By the time Adrian called I’d pretty much done my room and so met Adrian down at the new place – he loves it as much as we do! Decided to ditch the gym in favour of getting ahead in the packing game – in part driven by the desire for a cheeky beer later at the Beresford if I got my act together. And forsooth that’s what happened. Bears was fun – we thought all the tourists would be in town early for the Gay Games, but it seemed more full of Sydney people looking for the tourists! We popped into the Barracks too, and finally around 1.30am I’d had enough. Bed. One more sleep at Noise Central.

Woke at 8.30am and we started on finishing the packing. By about 11am we were done, and we’d already had brekky and taken some stuff down to the new place. The removalists arrived at 12.30pm and we we’re at the new place and unloaded by about 3pm. Hit the local café for some lunch and then fell on the task of getting the new place shipshape. By 7.30pm all was in its rightful place. Two very minor hitches – the new phone line didn’t get connected and the microwave doesn’t fit anywhere in the kitchen. Mind you, if they’re our only two concerns I’d say the move went pretty well. Got ready and hit Rich and Russ’s before heading upstairs at the Stonewall for a party. Wasn’t the best ever and we adjourned to the Oxford for a change of scene. Dave happened to be there (with Brett – grrrr!) which was a nice surprise and so the flirting from the afternoon continued. We decided to go to the Shift though, and so it came to be. The Shift was OK but not really enough people to form critical mass. Thus, after a while, Russ made the suggestion of Arq. Well why not? And so off we toddled. Fortunately Dave had gone to Arq so we kind of hooked up. Fun, fun, fun. He’s such a sexy man (yes Dave, that means you) and seems to be a nice bloke too. The clocks changed on Sunday morning and so with the time adjusted it was 9.30am when Dave took a slight turn for the worst and I took him home. We had more vodka and he played me some of his favourite music of the moment. We then watched a fantastic episode of Buffy on DVD (Hush – the one where everyone’s voices are stolen and almost the entire episode is devoid of dialogue) before crashing out at around 2pm. Dave was DJing at the Palace at 5.30pm and boy was the alarm clock a bit of a rude awakening! Escorted Dave to the above establishment and ended up staying for a beer. Or 2. Or in fact 5. Hit the wall about 9pm and headed home to tea, crisps and chocolate whilst watching the end of Galaxy Quest. I’d completely forgotten that we were meant to be cleaning the old apartment on Sunday so Garry had done it by himself. Oops. Sorry mate. I think my mind was elsewhere (focussed somewhere on sexy Dave!). Bed and my first sleep in the new, noise free, fabulous apartment.

Oh joy of joys! I’d forgotten just how nice it can be to have uninterrupted sleep! Having said that, I had the weirdest dream about working in some office and not doing stuff and being found out by my boss. Odd. Thing is the offices were like nothing I’ve ever worked in, and no-one I’ve ever worked with was there either, so I’m not sure what that was all about. I woke just before sunrise to see the reflection of the trees out of the window in the mirrors on the built-ins. That also lead to the realisation that the balcony (and therefore my room too) gets lovely sunshine in the mornings… already looking forward to leisurely weekend brekkies in the light and warmth…

Still, not surprising given the weekend’s activities, I was somewhat bleary eyed as I hit the gym at 7am. Into work and then back to the old apartment at lunch to go through the checklist before we get our security bond back. The guy from the old real estate company wasn’t happy with the cleanliness of the cooker and the carpets so I have to go back tonight and give them another go. How much do I want to do that? I’d rather drink my own urine frankly. Mind you, unfortunately we don’t really have any choice. Hey ho. So, just going to finish up at work and then head off. The rest of the night will be spent chilling chez Brumby (that’s the new apartment street name hence…) and enjoying the lack of noise…

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