Thursday, October 03, 2002

Thursday arvo. Struth! Sorry, just getting into the Australian way - now that I'm an Aussie citizen! It's kind of official - I've had my letter telling me it's all been approved, but I'm still awaiting the date for the ceremony where I have to pledge my allegiance to all things antipodean. Weird. More news on that nearer the time. That news arrived Friday afternoon, which in a fantastic segue was where I left you...

So. Home and to the gym as you do. Or at least as I've been doing of late. Home and food and then joined Garry and Ant at the Oxford before shuffling down to the Barracks as you do. Several beers later I stopped briefly in the Barracks before falling homewards around 1am. Slept in until 10.30am Saturday - the longest in a while. Garry woke and we had tea before we worked out that for some reason Video Hits wasn't on - disaster! Also Mother Hubbard had been visiting, so we ended up at Gogo's for a bacon and egg sarnie. Yum. Ended up hitting Newtown with Garry and had a quick beer with Ant and (his) Michael on arrival. Shopped around a bit looking for some 70s clothes for Garry for a work do.

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