Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Back with a few more coins to retype Friday through until now as promised... though I have had to court the evil that is Starbucks to get the coins. So, post Pilar I went and got my hair cut and then met Stevie P at old work. Chrysalis now looks like a real radio station having expanded into a new building and had a makeover - very professional. Went to Bob's for beers (Bob's being the local after-work bar) and spent the night chatting mostly to Lisa and Angela. Off with Steve to Earl's Court for nosh - it was going to be Balan's but we settled for Pizza Express in the end. Tired and a bit merry we headed home - there had been talk of making a night of it, but we crashed.

Saturday must be go and see the apartment day. Nice to see the old place, and to catch up with Nicola and to see how well they've been looking after the place. I knew they'd be OK, but it's still reassuring. Took lots of photos! Off to Wimbledon again - I've done a fair old tour of the suburbs this trip that's for sure - this time for brunch with Sal and Gus from Borders. Back into London for a long overdue clothes shopping spree and then back to Balham. If it's Saturday it must be XXL - though this time it was prefaced with a very nice dinner at Jon and Mark's. XXL fun again - Danny and his friend Michael met us there and also Max and DL turned up. Fun. Thence to Trade, for their one off Valentines Day Party. It was great for the boys to see Trade is it is unique. Met up with Kay and Tara and crew and had a blast. A very minkered one at that. Stumbled out of there around 11am and then on to the Vauxhall Tavern via Jon and Mark's and Balham for me. No repeat of the late arrival this time and so one by one the gang all arrived until it was going off. Great fun. We were almost partied out and so only made it briefly to Chemistry at Crash for a last boogie. Home around 4am I think and bed. Slept through the alarm and so didn't even get chance to stand by for the earlier direct flight to Sydney.

What a great holiday. Big thanks for Rich and Russ for making it so much fun and for all the gang back in the UK for making it extra special. I'll rant on at length about what I thought about being back in London etc., but for now it's almost time to go through to the departure lounge. A bit of reading I think. My body clock is so all over the place from this week that I've no idea what time it currently thinks it is. I'm hoping I'll confuse it so much it'll almost be back to normal by the time I land tomorrow morning!

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