Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Lordy lordy lordy. Rapidly running out of time and money! Where did I leave you all? Ah yes, last Friday. Had a lovely dinner with David and Brett and before you could say beer monster we were in Barcode. As were lots of others. Suddenly as if by magic we were at Sleaze at Crash again. And yet again it was fantastic. And yet again we ended up at the Orange. It's all a bit hazy (I wonder why?). We had Dez with us this time as we finally managed to hook up with him after a few false starts.

Saturday was a day for seeing sisters, so I arrived back at Steve's at around 10am expecting to find loads of messages saying 'Where are you?'. Fortunately Karen had had her leaving do the night before and so they weren't up and about either. Headed over to Richmond and met sisters for brunch. Scrambled eggs and toast was about all I could manage. Went to see Sue's new house and saw Jules again which was lovely. Back to Balham and out to XXL for the second week running. Dez was there, as were Jon and Mark; Tony and Roger; Steve and Audrey, Andrew, Max and DL... and again it was great. Fun men, fun music. Fun! And of course we couldn't resist the lure of Beyond for another night. Hey ho. What are we like? Again it was great. Max left early and so I snogged DL for a while. Can't remember being so twatted in ages! Finally stumbled (quite literally folks) out of there around 9.30am and back to Steve's. Who was of course in major sort out mode and full of the joys of spring! I finally had some kip from around 11.30am and woke around 4.30pm, having missed lunch with Danny and Rob and Wayne. Bugger. Headed down to the Tavern and of course were too late to get in before the show. How's this for dedication? We queued for almost 3 hours to get in. Mad. But once in... ay caramba!! All the gang were there. And then some. The lovely Richard who I snuggled with on the sofa at Sexy's Dave's in Brighton was there. We got reacquainted.:o) Sexy Dave himself was there too - flown in from Stuttgart specially bless him. Fortunately the time seemed to last forever. At one point I was in the middle of Dave, Brett, Rich, Russ and Adrian and I swear if they'd have all moved out of the way quickly I'd have keeled over! Still, well worth it. Finally we were kicked out with the trash and decided not to go on. Yay. Back to David and Brett's where I collapsed in a heap after a cup of tea.

Slept until 10am Monday morning. Brett came back from the gym and eventually headed back to Balham. Had lunch with David O in Kennington and then dinner and a few drinks with Danny in Clapham. Bed around midnight. Up to York yesterday. Lunch with Dad and then a relaxing afternoon. Out for drinks with Nels last night which was great. Good to see him after so long. Weird we've known each other for 33 years or so... Today it's into York for an update on here and then lunch with Dad, Uncle Bob (yes Bob really is my uncle!), Auntie Con and godmother Carol. Yippee. Then the local pub tonight with Dad as it's my last night here. It would have been Mum's birthday tomorrow so Dad and I are going up to the cemetery tomorrow to give it a spruce up and leave flowers and stuff before I head back down to London. Glad I'm here tomorrow as I think it'll make things a bit easier for Dad. Hey ho.

Right. That's it. Time to go and buy some clothes I think. More later. I'm actually now looking forward to getting back to Sydney and some sort of normality.... honest!

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