Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Er. Who? What? Where? What the hell happened to the last 3 and a half weeks? Someone's been creating little ripples in the space time continuum again haven't they? It's the only possible solution to us seemingly just leaving for England and me now sitting here at Tokyo airport where I have a lovely 9 hour (count 'em!) stopover before the connection down to Sydney.

The rest of the time in York went as described. Lovely to see Bob, Con and Carol though everyone's starting to look so much older. Life goes on I guess. Was slightly worried about Dad driving back from Scarborough as he was almost falling asleep at the wheel and hadn't changed the insurance so I could drive. That kind of thing really worries me as it's stuff like that which could be the end of him - let's hope not though. We stopped for coffee on the way back and then just hit the pub later for a couple of pints. Thursday was more relaxed. Up to the cemetery as I mentioned in the last post and then into York for lunch. And that was that. I'll fill in some more details about my attitude to York in another follow up post, but suffices to say I was breathing more easily as the train pulled out of the station. Nipped back to Balham then out to meet Andy and Sue for dinner at the Union Café. Very nice too and great to see them both. I then decided to meet up with the boys at Central Station to see what was going down. As it were. And people were :o)

Went back to Jon and Mark's with Rich and Russ as it was easier than doing Balham. Had to be up and off early in the morning though as I was to meet Pilar. We eventually ended up meeting in Wimbledon and having lunch at Est Est Est. Very nice. Lovely to catch up with Pilar too - good old talk about life, the universe etc.

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