Friday, February 21, 2003

Friday afternoon. At work. I think the reality of being back here is kicking in. Oh dear. The good news is that I seem to have escaped the whole jet lag thing. Not sure how, but not going to complain too much. Maybe sleeping at random for 4 weeks has had something to do with it. The run up to leaving was pretty frantic, with sleep being snatched at the following intervals:

Thu 13 – 4 hours sporadic sleep, perched on bed edge with lots of snoring (Rich!)
Fri 14 – 9 hours (the most in a long while)
Sat 15 – none
Sun 16 – 4 and a half (interrupted only long enough to switch off the alarm at 6.30am)
Mon 17 – 1 hour (on the flight to Tokyo)
Tue 18 – 3 hours (at Tokyo airport)
Wed 19 – 4 hours early morning (flight from Tokyo to Sydney) + 8 hours overnight
Thu 20 – 6 and a half hours

So, if you’d like to avoid jet lag, please sleep in the preceding pattern. OK. Think it’s time to leg it, as everyone else in my team has gone, including the boss.

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