Monday, February 24, 2003

Monday 3.05pm. Rough as a badger's arse. Actually that's not true. I deserve to feel like that but in fact just feel a little jaded and scattered. 5 and a bit days back home - and quite a bit I've managed to pack into that time let me tell you. The morning I arrived back after my 36 hour Tokyo trek I thought I'd flake out. Not so! Seems I'm made of sterner stuff (or at least I've conditioned my body to survive on almost no sleep like some bizarre SAS training ritual). Instead I grabbed brekky from the local café, made lots of phone calls (Adrian, Garry, Gary, Dave, Pete) and did plenty of washing in the new machine that Garry had organised in my absence. Marvellous. Then it was out for coffee with Adrian at 5pm, segueing nicely into beers with Gary and Mark at the Colombian just after 6pm. Held out until about 9pm and then it was quick eat then home. Bed around 10.30pm ? well done me! Thursday was the start of the old routine. Into work which was quite nice - think it was just the novelty of being back though. Thursday night was drinks with Jason at the Colombian before he went off to tennis, also bumping into Dave. Dinner with Adrian then back for a quick beer with the aforementioned Mr Puls. Back to the ranch before bed post internet shenanigans. Friday wasn't so great. As alluded to earlier I think the reality of being back started to kick in and so things certainly weren't as rosy as they had been. Friday night was beers with Jason and then dinner at the Thai place opposite the Colombian. The gang was going off to Manacle so we went round to Tim's for a beer or two. You'd have been proud of me - in spite of numerous efforts to persuade me to join them, I refused - preferring to save myself for my 'official' relaunch at the Azure (Harbour) Party on Sunday. They all toddled off the Taylor Square, I went home. Yay for Davie!!

Saturday morning was up and about in time for Video Hits. Gary popped in for tea and biccies and we ended up spending the best part of the day together. Brunch, coffees and meandering up and down Oxford Street in and out of Shop Yourself Stupid seemed to be all the rage. Swopped one coffee partner for the next as Dave and I caught up at Pelago's in Victoria Street. Wandered back to Potts Point where Dave entertained me a while (and vice versa!). Back to Oxford Street and if it's Saturday night it must be beers with Pete. And Colin. And Ant and Michael who happened to be passing. Showing remarkable restraint more than once in a few days I bowed out early and headed back to the house around 10pm after stuffing my face with Hungry Jack's. Sunday was another 9.30am start, with not much actually done though save brekky with Pete, a quick trip to Adrian's and another coffee with Pete and Crusty. Made myself beautiful for Azure and headed over to Dave's for pre-party vodka. We listened to music as a couple of people came and went and then it was time to head down to the party itself. It really is the most incredible location. For those that don't know, the Harbour Party as was (Azure Party as now is) is set by the side of the harbour in the Botanic Gardens with views of the city skyline, Bridge and Opera House. So imagine if you will that as an outdoor clubbing environment - great music, sexy men and great views. Oh, and the rain held off. Yippee! Once we got there Dave, Mark and I went out separate ways as wanderlust took hold. In fact I couldn't settle into dancing even though the music was OK (Paul Goodyear's set). However I did manage to settle into Mandy Rollins' set, which was more Bad Doggy and much more my cup of tea. In the interim I just meandered about, taking in the ambulance and catching up with lots of people that I'd not seen since the holiday. Fun. About 8.30pm though I was in a loved up melee with Jason, Tim, Stewart, Ross, Patrick and a few others coming and going. Great fun. The views change as the sun goes down and the light shows and shows kick in. Marvellous. Of course we couldn't let it lie and so as it shut at midnight we were already planning our assault on the next venue. The Phoenix. Dave was there and Jason came and joined us too. Not satisfied with that though we ended up at the Shift and despite a 4am curfew I only left at 4.50am because Dave told me to! Thanks mate. I'd have most probably still been there otherwise! Still minkered I played on the internet a wee while and finally fell into bed around 5.40am. Up at 7.30am and so work hasn't been the most focused I've ever been it has to be said. A quiet week on the cards I think. Not going to go to the Mardi Gras party next weekend. I'll go to a recovery but that's all. Think it's probably wise...

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