Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Wednesday afternoon and I think the late night at the weekend is catching up with me. Actually it's overtaken me, turned round and is currently slapping me across the face with a wet haddock whilst laughing maniacally. Great. Well not a great deal to report. Monday night was a very quiet time. Chats to Garry; Pete popped over for a cuppa; beans on toast; quick internet play and bed before 10pm. For the best.

Yesterday was a slow day at work, rather like today. Willing the time to disappear didn't really seem to help and I busied myself with spring cleaning my hotmail account. A nicer evening. Met up with John for coffee - who is seemingly a very nice man. Bright and fun. We had a good chat and then once done I joined Garry in the Colombian for his birthday drinks. Caught up briefly with Brett and Brendan before joining Garry, Mat, Richard, Jeff and, somewhat weirdly, Darrin - a guy from Brisbane I know only from chatting online. We had a few beers and a bit of a laugh and then I decided I'd had enough and needed food. Pete joined me for that and then home time for Davie. Bed around 11.30pm when Garry came in.

Up early ish today as the TV repairman was due at 8am. And no, he's not cute. This repair has been going on since November, but finally all of the speakers have been replaced and I now have fantastic sound on the TV. He's taken the CD player off to replace the mechanism too, as it's been slipping a while. So, by the weekend I'll have a fantastic CD player that doesn't skip and that sounds fantastic. What I won't have is any money. Total cost of repairs, parts and labour? Try $1300. Bugger me. I've just been paid yesterday. I have exactly that amount free on my credit card (having transferred most of said pay). That leaves me with about $200 in the bank and about $100 in my wallet to last 2 weeks. Over Mardi Gras. And I am Old Mother Hubbard in every sense of the phrase. So, quiet times ahead it would seem. Very quiet times indeed. Lots of staying in and playing music and watching DVDs with fabulous sound at least. And I'm miserable about the lack of Barracks recovery. And now I'm back I'm getting more and more interested about doing MG. Bugger. Watch this space. Back at the gym tonight, though I fancy just doing something reckless. Oh dear. Lock up your daddies.

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