Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Tuesday night. Ohmigod, two posts on the same day? A first for a while I think. Also think I'm coming down with a cold. Boo hoo. Another day of work over and done with, then out for coffee with Andy. We do live on the most social street in Sydney. Walked over the road to see Adrian and Fred, coming back from dinner with Kevin and Craig, talking to Craig and Kev (yes, that's two Craig's and two Kevin's). Then Andrew joined me and Andy (yes, that's two etc.) and finally Richard joined Andrew as Andy and I left. I'd earlier bumped into Richard and Andy had previously bumped into Strati (no, there's only one of him). Anyway, we all had a good natter and finally back here for a quick snack, talk to my Dad and catch up on email etc. Bed now (10.45pm) as in work for 8am tomorrow. Sleep. Tight. Bugs. Etc.

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